The NEXT exam to be held from 2023

The NEXT exam to going to start from the year 2023, it will be a exam for a final year MBBS graduates in India. Though, nothing is official yet but this news is been circulating on the social media, it seems like a press note which has been circulating on Facebook. The National Exit Test (NeXT) board modalities had been finalized by the National Medical Commission. This exam is set to replace the NEET PG and FMGE exam.

The NeXT exam was proposed by the National Medical Commission (NMC) as a part of a bill passed in 2019. The exam will be an easy eligibility and entrance exam for granting the license for practicing medicine and surgery to MBBS passed students. Likewise, the test will also fill in as an entrance exam for admission to PG Medical Degree Programs in India. No authority declaration has been made in such manner.

Medical Graduate students need to finish their final internship position to earn the permission as a doctor in India. Then again, Foreign Medical Graduates need to qualify through the FMGE to get enrollment with State Medical Councils for rehearsing as a doctor in India. Moreover, to get admission to PG Medical degree projects, for example, MD, MS, M. Ch, DM etc. medical graduates are needed to clear the NEET PG test. The NeXT exam has been proposed to replace all the other exams and will serve to work on the quality of doctor in India just as the of a medical education.

From social media the experts read that. with regard to implementation of National Exit Test (NeXT), Chairperson, NMC apprised that broad modality of the NeXT exam had been worked out. The exam would be held in two steps – Step 1 and Step 2. The exam would be held in 2023.

Since the NMC proposed the NeXT exam in 2019, the exam has been in standard features in regards to its complexities and uncertainties. Nothing is yet official, according to a medical student who was essential for a 30 member students’ delegation in a new gathering with the Board of Governors of the recent Medical Council of India, NeXT will be held as a Computer Based Test and the question paper will be bases on the course syllabus of student’s medical program in India. Plus, the NeXT question paper will comprise just of MCQ type questions, according to most recent reports.

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