NEXT  (National Exit Test)-  one globe one single standard exam from 2023

As everyone is aware of the fact that from 2023 the NMC (National Medical Council)  is planning to conduct NEXT from 2023 for the Final year students of the MBBS.

In the coming year NEET (PG) , FMGE and MBBS finals will get replace by NEXT.

M K Ramesh, president of the Postgraduate Medical Education  said that student need to clear the NEXT exam if they want to practice modern medicine in India and need to done enrollment in the state or national medical register according to their respective case. NEXT will also affect the admissions to PG medical courses.

If the child wants to be a medical practioner in the US , clearing medical licensing exam will be mandatory. The motive behind NEXT is to make student burden free from the multiple exams and wants to set world class standard for checking the ability of the respective child statement by Ramesh. Value of NEXT will be same across the globe either it is for any Indian or from any part of the world.

In this pandemic time everyone is well aware of the fact that doctors are really important for the country’s growth, if India would have more number of doctors and hospitals then may be situation could be handled in better way, State medical education fraternity experts have shared their views over NEXT replacing MBBS final exams and they are believing now the state must have more number of doctors especially in the rural area.

Ahmedabad medical college’s dean said NEXT could be tough for the students of the Gujarat if we compare this to existing university level exams.

If we calculate from the previous results than Gujarat has 90% success rate so according to this most of the students will be eligible for the NEXT.

As MBBS finals are conducted twice every year but Next will held only once a year statement by senior medical fraternity member.

Validity – The NEXT would remain valid for only three years from the date when student becomes qualified for license  and after it’s expiry the student need to qualify NEXT again if they want to take admission to postgraduate broad specialty courses.

National Medical Commission will be held responsible for conducting NEXT , so NEXT will be uniform entrance examination for the the students who wants to take admission in postgraduate medical courses.

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