Top 10 highest-paying jobs in Canada for 2023?

10 Highest-Paying Positions with the opportunity for Increased Revenues THAT CAN Potentially Earn TO $130,000. On Jan 4, 2023, Randstad published a list of the ten best-paying positions in Canada. Randstad is the leading hiring partner in Canada and a global job firm. The highest-paying positions with the possibility of increased revenue are listed below. Depending on the qualification of the position, these positions can pay up to $130,000.

Financial Expert

The pay for financial analysts varies from $80,000 to $120,000. The average pay for this profession has climbed in recent years as demand for it has remained high. By spotting patterns in financial records and assisting top management in making sensible choices, skilled financial experts support the success of the firms.

Full Stack Developer

Entry-level full-stack developers frequently make $75,000 a year, with the majority of professional full-stack developers making up to $130,000 annually. Full-stack developers are more in demand than ever, according to Randstad, and that requirement will only grow.


As increasingly complicated manufacturing equipment is used, demand for millwrights—one of the crafts with the greatest growth—will rise. They have quickly ascended to the pinnacle of the specialized crafts pay scale due to their great demand. Entry-level millwrights can earn $50,000, and senior roles can pay $95,000.

Production Supervisor

Production supervisors begin at a salary of $65,000 and can make up to $100,000 in more senior roles. Production managers get an ever-increasing salary. Given the industrial sector’s recent strong expansion in the requirement, the requirement for production supervisors is not anticipated to decline.

Forklift Operator

There is a nationwide shortage of forklift operators who can stack, move, and catalog goods in warehouses and fulfillment facilities. The salary range for a forklift operator is $40,000 to $58,000. Due to the rising demand, forklift operators’ salaries have increased as well.

HR Manager

A human resources manager’s yearly salary in Canada is on average $83,000. HR managers begin with an annual salary of $80,000. The highest-paid employees, though, might make up to $110,000 annually. Experts in human resources can anticipate a highly compensated prospect, career security, and increased salary.

Solution Designer

Solution architects are increasingly in demand as firms build out their I.T. networks and the job is rising in popularity. For Solution Architects, the highest-paying regions are Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. Solution architects may earn between $84,000 and $130,000 annually.

Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers often start out making around $80,000 to $100,000. In Canada, there is a great demand for them, and Ontario, Calgary, and British Columbia pay more on average. Average salaries for electrical engineers having five to ten years of experience might reach $115,000. The greatest salaries for electrical engineers are frequently found in the manufacturing and energy sectors.

Executive Assistant

The number of new job advertisements that are appearing around the nation indicates that the career possibilities for executive assistants are growing. In Canada, executive assistant wages typically vary from $60,000 to $96,000 annually.

A project manager for construction

Construction project teams will likely be busier than ever as a result of stress on the housing market and the desire for new company forms. Managers of construction projects are compensated quite generously. Depending on where the job is located, the income could be $100,000 or more annually.

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