Fees for MBA Programs in Canada

Fees for MBA Programs in Canada


Learners from throughout the world choose to study in this nation because of its thriving economy, diverse culture and welcoming immigration policy. This nation is a top choice for international learners because of its high standard of living, accessiblility, good education system, ethnic diversity, and vibrant, well-integrated labor force. It ranks among the top 5 places worldwide to pursue higher education.

The Perks of earning an MBA in Canada include:

  • The application and visa procedures are smooth.
  • Canada‘s educational institutions/colleges provide reasonable degrees with a worldwide reputation.
  • Students benefit from internship programs by gaining knowledge of the field.
  • An MBA degree aids in acquiring practical skills that may be used in actual professional environments.
  • The MBA graduates’ careers are boosted by the business programs provided by Canadian institutions, which eventually increase their potential earnings.

Cost/Life Quality

Canada provides its residents with a high standard of living, and the government supports a broad range of social amenities, including world-class medical care. Compared to what US colleges cost, the typical MBA tuition fee in Canada is lower at $30,000–$40,000, with a variation of $16,000–$90,000. In general, the MBA in Canada is less expensive compared to the US. The city and each person’s lifestyle influence on their life quality.

MBA in top Business Schools in Canada

College/University Duration Tuition Fee (for 1st year)
York University – Schulich 2 years CAD 66,210 CAD 56,125
Queen’s Smith School of Business 1 year CAD 133,355
Rotman School of Management 2 years CAD 66,210
University of Alberta 20 months CAD 49,750 CAD 30,000
McGill Desautel 20 months CAD 49,750
Ivey Business School 1 year CAD 59,000 CAD 123,500
UBC Sauder 16 months CAD 73,642
HEC Montréal 1 year CAD 59,000

Financial Assistance/Scholarships

Since MBA is a professional degree, there are few opportunities for overseas students to receive financial support. However, some students may qualify for scholarship money due to their strong academic record, professional experience, and other accomplishments pertinent to the program. Due to their high GMAT score as well as other academic qualifications, students frequently receive part waivers. In addition, applicants may enroll in these well-known scholarship schemes:


  • OGS, or Ontario Graduate Scholarships: The purpose of this scholarship is to offer top-notch master’s and doctorate studies. It is supported by public money.
  • The Go Clean Scholarship is given to deserving students who aspire to study higher education overseas.
  • National Overseas Scholarship Program for SC and other candidates: Central Sector Scheme (All nations excluding the UK): Excellent candidates who plan to pursue a master’s or doctorate overseas are given this funding.
  • Graduate Scholarship at the University of Waterloo: The University of Waterloo awards this scholarship to deserving students undertaking the graduate program.
  • Similar scholarships offered by other organizations include the Accelerated Career Scholarship, Claude Winspear MBA Award, Robert Krembil Scholarship of Merit, etc.

Qualifications/Requirements for MBA Programs in Canada

The following are some prerequisites for admittance to MBA programs:

  • The applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree from a university or other institution that is acknowledged.
  • Universities typically offer individuals with relevant work experience the edge when considering applicants for MBA admission. Although it is not a prerequisite, it provides candidates an advantage over their competitors. Work experience may continue to be a requirement at some institutions. To avoid confusion at the last minute, applicants must review the admittance requirements well in time.
  • The aspirants must demonstrate their English language skills if they are from a non-native English-speaking nation. To be accepted, they must obtain a strong IELTS or TOEFL score.
  • To enroll in an MBA program at a prestigious institution or university in Canada, you must have a strong GMAT score. It not only raises your chances of being chosen but also potentially makes you eligible for scholarships. For entrance, the majority of universities demand that applicants submit their GMAT results. To sign up for the test, you must go to the official GMAT site. Each institution has varied minimum GMAT score criteria as well. As a result, you should study diligently following the typical GMAT scores of the institutions you intend to attend.


Procedure for Applying

Ensure that you apply at minimum 15 to 18 months in advance of your targeted session because the entire application procedure takes a while. Additionally, the majority of universities have their registration forms available on their respective websites.

Requisite paperwork for the application procedure:

  • Academic record: This contains any paperwork associated with your graduate program, such as credentials.
  • GMAT test scores and TOEFL/IELTS scores.
  • Financial records and bank details.
  • Records that demonstrate your professional history.
  • Letters of recommendation from your current and former managers. The standards for letters of recommendation vary amongst universities.
  • Statement of Purpose or Admission Essay
  • Visa-related paperwork

Salary/Job opportunities after MBA

There are many chances available for the appropriate applicant. MBA graduates are paid well in a variety of attractive positions. They have a variety of career options after earning their MBA program, including consulting, general management, IT services, accounting and finance, and more.

In addition, MBA holders can work for many Canadian government agencies and contribute to efficient administration. Additionally, graduates in management might find employment in the fields of technical management, sales, marketing, product, and project management.


Rules for Post-Study

The province or regional government must acknowledge the institution where overseas students received their MBA for them to be capable of applying for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). Those who are enrolled in a two-year MBA program may remain for at least three years after finishing their program. Additionally, students may enroll in programs with durations ranging from 8 months to two years for as long as necessary. Additionally, through the Express Entry program, qualifying students may petition for permanent resident status.

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