An MBBS seat in India is always a far fetched dream with tight competition between the 15 lakh aspirants taking the NEET with less than 80,000 seats. Taking up the course from abroad has always been a option, but there has been misconceptions regarding the quality of education. This notion is a fallacy and MBBS from abroad is an option worth consideration, given that one has good academic records and is hardworking. Now that a plan B ready at hand, one needs to know both sides very well to make a wise choice.

The comparison between MBBS offered in India includes all college in India including AIIMS and that offered by countries abroad include Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, China, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Armenia, Georgia, Nepal, Belarus and countries in the Caribbean.


Comparison MBBS in India MBBS in Abroad
Duration 4.2 years + 1-year Internship 4 to 6 years to complete the degree
Cost Very low fees in government colleges, ₹75 lakh plus budget in private colleges Budget starts from ₹18 lakh total including tuition fee, hostel fee and Indian mess fee
Marks required in NEET Qualifying marks at least Qualifying marks at least
Ease of getting admission Very high marks in NEET required or a high budget for a private seat in India. Still, only 80,000 seats available for 15 lakh plus students. Admission is easy even in government universities ranking in top 500 colleges in the world as per QS Ranking. More than 12,000 Indian students take admission abroad for MBBS each year.
Exams to qualify NEET NEET, no requirement of SAT, TOEFL, IELTS etc.
Exit Exam for License Qualifying NEXT compulsory for license Qualifying NEXT compulsory for license
USMLE Track No Yes
A better option if you want to settle in Europe Not a good option Ukraine, Russia are better options than India
Recognition Worldwide Worldwide

Duration of course:
The duration of course in India for MBBS is 5.2 years from 2019, which earlier had used to be 5.5 years, including one year of internship. The duration is variable from country to country from 4 to 6 years in case of pursuing MBBS from abroad.

Country Duration of Course(Years)
MBBS in Philippines 5.5 to 6
MBBS in Russia, MBBS in Georgia 5.8
MBBS in Ukraine 5.8
MBBS in Bangladesh, MBBS in Nepal 5
MBBS in China  5 + 1 Year Internship
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 5
MBBS in Armenia 5 or 6
Tashkent Medical Academy 5

Cost of course:
MBBS from India is very cheap if one manages to get into a government college. In contrast, a seat in private college is not one’s choice, and is very expensive.
MBBS from abroad is relatively cheaper with an overall cost including tuition fee, hostel fee, mess fee starting from ₹17-18 lakh.

Marks required in NEET:
Both scenarios demand the student to qualify the NEET. Getting an admission in India in a government college would expect one to score 600+ marks, or you need to have high budget otherwise.
An MBBS abroad needs one to get qualifying marks in NEET, while some colleges may very rarely need 200 marks in NEET. The admission is based on first come first serve basis and one is left with a choice in this case.

Ease of getting admission:
Indian MBBS is a hard nut to crack and one can choose from only the pool of college for which you clear the cut-off of. Close to 10 lakhs of the aspirants are not even left with a choice. Unlike this, MBBS from abroad needs one to just qualify NEET and choose any college from a variety of options.

Exams to qualify:
To get an admission in India, one needs qualify NEET and that too qualify with a very high score. Students with even 560-570 marks had been sent by Global Medical Foundation in the 2019 session.

An admission in any of the colleges abroad in countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh and Georgia doesn’t have an entrance exam, but qualifying NEET has been made a must.

An admission in MBBS(MD) in the Philippines demands you to clear an exam called NMAT.

USMLE Track:
USMLE is a three step examination to get a PG seat in the US. Indian colleges do not have USMLE track, while colleges abroad trains the students for USMLE.

Colleges both in India or abroad must be MCI approved for one’s degree to be recognized in India. The NMC bill, passed in 2019, demands students from colleges in both India and abroad to qualify NEXT so as to get a license in India.

The MBBS from countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Georgia is recognised worldwide.

Who should not go for MBBS abroad?
An admission in any of the MCI approved college abroad needs one to qualify the NEET exam. One who has already qualified NEET in last 3 years or expects to qualify NEET can pursue MBBS abroad.

However, if
• one has 600+ marks in NEET
• or has a high budget
he/she necessarily needn’t have to seek an admission abroad.

However, getting top 10,000 rank in NEET might not be sufficient for an admission in India.

Biggest Dilemma for students:
The biggest challenge is deciding on what is best for one, given the options are taking a drop or taking an admission abroad.

The student must be have self awareness on his/her skillset. If one finds himself certain on scoring 580+ score or whatever it takes to get a seat in NEET, then taking a drop is worth the shot. However, the 80,000 seats to 15 lakh aspirants ratio should always be in the back of one’s mind.

On the other hand, if one is sure of not making it up to 550+ or that your mark is in 135-450 range, it is always advisable that the student apply for admissions abroad than wasting time.

The final decision should be what is best for the student in pursuing the professional degree of medicine.

Who should go for MBBS abroad?
An MBBS from abroad has been the new trend and requires one to qualify NEET.
MBBS abroad will be your best choice, if
• you are hardworking, most importantly
• you are really passionate on being a doctor
• if you are not able to get a seat even after giving NEET multiple times
• your score in NEET is 135-550 and is unable to get a seat in India
• you have a good NEET score but can’t afford fees of private colleges.
In such a case, you can consider taking an MBBS abroad within a budget of ₹18 lakh, as the fees for MBBS abroad starts from ₹11.50 lakh total.