Information Technology at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology


Students often get demented with computer science and information technology. Both are related to the study of computer system but has major differences. Information Technology is studied to facilitate business. It includes mainly the installation and maintenance of computer systems. Computer science is deep study of computer systems. It includes the programming of systems by the use of mathematics. Its focus is to give design, to increase efficiency and further developments.

Emphasis of Department
• The curriculum goes under changes periodically. Time to time, with regard to the emerging demands, new changes are being included in the course. These demands are with regard to various industries and employers.
• The faculty members over here are highly efficient and experienced. They put the best to provide high quality learning to students so that they can easily seek jobs. Under the constant monitoring of faculties, it is obvious to students to get placed over reputed companies. The job opportunities are not just in India, but also available in abroad for Information Technology graduates at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology.
• At present time with technical skills, soft skills also matter. One must be able to express thoughts with public. This comes as good communication skills. If person has enough knowledge but can’t share it, then it’s of no use. So, here at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, focus is on overall development of undergraduates.
• Innovation has picked pace at current era. Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology wants to produce successful Information Technology graduates. So, with full dedication, we offer knowledge to students.

Understanding of concepts is better if it is done practically. The theoretical concepts will remain in mind of students till exam. Later, they will forget it. But if they apply the concepts practically, then it will remain for life long. Plus, after the completion of graduation they will find it easy to apply knowledge in to work. They will have a pre-experience of things, which is good for them. Following are few projects out of the list, which students are going to do in their course of Information Technology at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology.
Data base compression based on flash: The main features of mobile applications on the bases of which they are rated as best are the information assess able and the data processing. These two factors depend upon the mobile storage. That’s why, present applications come with vast storage. In this project, it would be discussed the method to create extra storage. Flash memory is one of the options. It could be used as extra storage to store the information. This is done very precisely, as keeping the main function of the query unchanged.
Management Systems for Lab: By use of information technology, it is easier to maintain the list of patients, their information, etc. In this project, a software would be developed to manage the systems for Lab. With the use of this software it is going to get easy to produce test reports with correction. Also in different formats according to need. This created system is very easy to operate.
Tracking System for Defects: This type of project finds its application over small software development projects. No organization is error and defect free. This system tracks down those errors and defects. Like, during manufacturing small defects or bugs get created which affects the system. So it gets important to find these defects and manage them.
Payroll System: This type of project is useful over places where periodically large amount of bills have to be managed. Large number of transaction is involved. Like in an organization, every month employees have to be paid. So, this innovation come into action. It will manage the data of employees, it will generate pay bills with accuracy. It reduces human work load, saves time and most importantly, it gives mistake free results. This type of innovation also finds it application in business organizations.

Information Technology at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology is going to be great choice for students. At present this field is in high demand. It is available at undergraduate level for students. Foreign exchange is also there. We put our the best to produce the best. Every year, we produce graduates who are successful and efficient information technology professionals.