Mechanical and Automation Engineering at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology

At first there were only few branches in engineering. Mechanical Engineering is one of those branches. It is oldest among all. Mechanical and Automation Engineering means to manufacture and give designs to machines. These engineers assemble various engines which are also designed by them. They even use the knowledge of information technology. Also, they come across the use of controlled systems. This field is full of emerging challenges. Yet, it is fun to tackle these challenges. The department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering at our college, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology has this course available at undergraduate level. Students after completion of this four year course get the B. Tech degree. This course undergoes changes periodically. These makes always course up to date. At present, all the subjects included in the course are according to the current demand of Mechanical and Automation Engineering Professionals in the various industries.

Emphasis of Department
• The number of problems faced by society has kept on increasing. People are facing water crisis, electricity problems, etc. The condition is so bad in some areas where people are not able to get necessities of living like food and health facilities. Most of these problems can be tackled with scope of engineering. Our target is to produce quality engineers who could solve the societal problems with an ethical approach. Also, they must come out with ways supporting sustainable development.
• It is very easy to get detailed information about any topic at present time because of internet. This mean there is lot of content available with the students. Not all the content is important and necessary to go through for students. Some times excess about one topic leads to wastage like wastage of time, wastage of data, wastage of energy, etc. Although, we know learning is never wasted but it should be based on current needs as to clear a particular exam and get a job. It is very competitive environment and so students must prepare and focus on syllabus and only required topics also to get into a limited depth of the topic from where questions must be asked. Here, faculties play important role. Our faculties are trained in a way to get the best out of the students. Students are driven to their full potential.
• Getting doubts are the actual sign of learning. A student must get doubts while studying. And here, at Mechanical and Automation Engineering Department over Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology helps students to clear their doubts hastily. Doubt classes are arranged every week for students. They can ask questions in middle of the class too but a separate section only for doubts is useful for those doubts which emerge while studying at home.
• Various seminars are organized in order to provide extra motivation to students. These type of educational guest lectures help students to think out of the box We invite experience and excellent professional from the same field. They share their struggle stories. Also, they share their method of preparations, solutions to everyday problems which students might face. They even make students aware of new job opportunities available in the market, the method to get there.
• Teaching practices over here at Mechanical and Automation Engineering Department at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology uses modern technologies. Digital lectures help students understand concepts in a better way. Our all classes are facilitated with smart boards.

Study of engineering is application of mathematics and the scientific information. Engineering professionals serve for the benefit of mankind. They develop as human resource and serve as an important part for the society. Now these engineers solve various societal problems. The main motto of Mechanical and Automation Engineering at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology is to produce the graduates with excellence over skills. For this, our department words hard to provide with every possible facilities to its pupils as well as teaching staffs. Because we believe, learning of students is highly affected by teaching quality. So, we work on both teachers and students. Other than academics, our college provides very friendly environment to learn. Fresher’s would be helped by seniors in every possible manner. Also, campus provides facilities for all other extra-curricular activities like sports, dance, music, etc.