Statement of purpose can help you to achieve your dreams. You might face problem while SOP writing. So, the given article will help you in SOP writing. The given article will help you to make a perfect SOP.


SOP plays a very significant role in the process of admission to any foreign institution. With the help of your academic certificates you can tell about your academic performance but with help of your SOP you can give a description about your hobbies, strengths and interests. SOP is just a chance to convince the institution to accept your application.

It is to be noted that process of writing SOP varies from country to country. The universities in Australia and New Zealand asks for the SOP during the VISA process. However, countries like UK, USA and Canada asks for a SOP during the admission stage. So, wherever you study around the world, SOP is of great importance.


International universities always want to select the students who are unique and different from others. They have to select limited students from thousands of students applying for admission in the university. You should have uniqueness in your SOP in order to take admission to an international university.

Just like SOP is our recommendation letter which is written by our teachers or colleagues. Even if you hold a very impressive academic record, your application can be rejected just because of poorly written SOP. You should be extra careful while creating SOP as it will help you to get admission into the top universities. Here are some important points which should be kept in mind while drafting a SOP:

  • Always try to make different SOP’s. Read them regularly.
  • Try to edit the SOP whenever required.
  • Do give your academic credentials
  • Always mention the reason of joining that university along with your skills and talent.
  • You must have a clarity regarding you aim in life.
  • Describe about your career plans and job also.
  • Always abide by the word limit. Do remember that the people reading your SOP have thousands of SOP with them.
  • Do not mention any fake incident or achievement in your SOP.
  • Write correct spellings and take the font size which is readable for the reader.


These guidelines will help you to draft a perfect SOP:

  • Your SOP should be in such a way that it gives description about interests and help the reader to understand that you can be an asset for the university.
  • Always explain that how the course which you have opted will help you to achieve success in your life.
  • Also mention the reason for not selecting any other university all around the world.

It is to kept in mind plagiarism is strictly not allowed in the universities all around the world. The universities are very strict about the plagiarism in the SOPs. These days with modern techniques like plagiarism checker the universities can easily identify the content which is copied from somewhere. Even some top universities are also taking actions against such candidates who are submitting the copied content. You can take help from experienced editors who will direct you to create a better SOP.