MBBS from abroad is recently in trend and have been complemented with quite a few many universities taking up the lead in providing high quality education and facilities. China, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the Philippines, Georgia and Nepal have taken up positions to be the popular study destinations with over 7000 Indian students going outside every year.

But here are a few tips that the aspiring students need to keep in mind while taking steps towards achieving their goals.

1. Exposure to the language:

Most of these countries have non-native speakers of English and as a result the international students are taught by a different faculty. For them the focus is mainly on communicating with the international students in English, and very less importance is given to the actual medical qualification and knowledge. This increases the potential risk factors in medical field. The only solution out is to familiarize with the local knowledge.

  1. Quality of the institute:

For the institutions abroad, admitting bulk numbers of Indian students are a source of passive income. The factor that should be considered is the number of local citizens in the same faculty or class as your are that matters and not the number of Indian students that matters. This is an index of how good a university or faculty you are going to join in. However, there are quite a few universities that are in par with the elite Indian universities. But these are beyond the reach of commoners, due to high tuition fees equalling private Indian colleges and limited seats.

  1. Beware of agencies:

Students may be trapped by poor agencies and end up having bad quality education, jeopardizing their career horizons. The FMGE, the licensure examination conducted by the MCI must be taken up by the students to get registered to practice in India. Poor education reflects in the results of FMGE exams results. According to MCI reports, of the students who go abroad to study medicine, only around 12 to 15 per cent of the graduates manage to clear the FMGE. In such a scenario, they tend to practice illegally making it much more dangerous. This is the reason why PTI, a student who wishes to take up a medical course has to obtain an essentiality certificate from the MCI for admission in any medical college outside India.

  1. Not all universities are bad:

Research on universities and enquire to the pass outs of each university rather than the ones currently pursuing the course, for only they can tell if the coaching was effective enough for them to crack the FMGE exams and able to handle NEET PG. Read on internet and make use of all possible sources to fish out good universities in every country which is proving quality education for their own nationals.

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