Why stream selection test is must for every student after class X

Class X is clearly the turning point of one’s life, as it is that diverging point where one’s decision is to affect one’s span of life that’s to follow. Making the right choice at the right moment is what matters the most. The most important decision that decides your future is the stream that you choose that you want to pursue a career in.

Stream selector is that trusted tool that can help you in making the correct decision. Developed by a panel of psychologist academic counsellors and experienced psychiatrists, this is a scientifically proven and specifically designed Psychometric Test that can help you out of the dilemma. This test evaluates your aptitude and personality and determines the Stream that suites your calibre. It works by asking common questions and provides a detailed report on their career prospects after class 10th. This is the exact
Since it is based on the concept that each student is unique, there is no right or wrong answer in the test. Out of the total 76 questions, 36 questions tests your interest while the rest 40 measures your aptitude for the available streams to decide on your inclination towards a particular field.

The test assesses attitude, aptitude and interest for opting the major streams, namely, science, commerce and arts and evaluates if the student would rightly fit in to the field chosen. It tests the verbal, numerical, clerical, spatial and reasoning aptitude and your interest as per RIASEC theory and categorises into 4 segments namely Mathematics, Biology, Commerce and Humanities (Arts) and arranges the same in order of 1-4.

Neither does it test your knowledge nor does it scale your academic excellence. All it does it determine your strengths and weaknesses in order to find your capabilities in studying the four streams. First this, it employs verbal, numerical, clerical & spatial questions. An interest test also helps in understanding how much you are into a field.

After taking the test, it becomes very easy for the students to opt a stream. This can be taken from home. You can avoid a huge mistake of choosing something you would regret in future or getting stuck with the limited options by taking the test.

The hardest part of decision making being solved by using a Stream selector, one can easily plan one’s career plans and layout future plans accordingly.