Why should I study in Italy?

Italy is one of the best places for students to study and visit because of its beauty and the benefits it provides, from brilliant landscapes to UNESCO-recognized historical sites to their hand gestures, wines, and food.

There are numerous reasons why Italy is the best choice for international students and those looking for work in Italy. Some of these will be addressed here.

Reasons to study in Italy

  • Universities in Italy are reasonably priced.
  • They have a diverse heritage and are at the cutting edge of fashion and architecture.
  • Stunning historical sites
  • The climate in the Mediterranean
  • Courses and degrees taught in English
  • The cuisine and the culture
  • One of the most affordable countries to live in

International students have a wide range of options because the majority of universities in Italy offer a diverse range of courses in most subjects. The professors and fellow students are helpful and friendly, the cultural landscape is diverse, and there are numerous scholarship programs to choose from and apply for.

Bachelor’s degree in Italy

The courses in Italy have two semesters with the first starting in September and ending in February. The second semester runs from February to July. the course completion depends on the subject taken.

 Various bachelor’s degree programs are:

  • Accademia del Lusso school of fashion and design 

Provides courses for aspirants interested in the fashion sector.

  • Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

An Italian university that provides bachelor’s degrees in business administration, humanities and cultural studies, and industrial production Engineering.

  • University of Pavia

Provides bachelor’s degree in Artificial intelligence

  • Universita Europea di Roma

Provides bachelor’s degree in business management 

And many more.

Tuition fees and scholarship facilities in Italy

With the world’s oldest universities present, Italy is the most desirable study-abroad destination. They also provide the best universities, with top-quality education and excellent infrastructure.

Tuition fees vary by university, but they are significantly lower when compared to their counterparts in North America and Europe. Tuition fees are usually around 5000 EUR per year, with accommodation around 8400 EUR per year, food around 2400 EUR per year, and transportation around 420 EUR per year.

Colleges offer a variety of scholarship programs, grants, and financial aid schemes to help students bear the burden of tuition fees. Politecnico di Torino International Scholarship, Merit and Bocconi International Awards, University of Bologna Study Grants for International Students, and University of Cattolica International Scholarships are among the programs.

Techniques of evaluation

ECTs are an important component of the Bologna process that assists international students in making the most of their study experience. It provides many advantages for international students, such as the ability to study for a bachelor’s degree in one European higher education area (EHEA) and a master’s degree in another European higher education area (EHEA). find work in any EHEA country, less distinction between international and domestic students, and many other benefits.

The ECT system is used to evaluate students in various bachelor’s degree programs in Italy; these tests are worth 180-240 credits or ECTs.

The Bologna system

The universities in Italy are the oldest and most prestigious in the world, and they have also played an important role in the European education system, as well as being one of the first four countries involved in the creation of the European area of higher education. This resulted in the formation of the bologna process.

Which is still in effect and is making the study experience more rewarding.

Opportunities after a bachelor’s degree

There are various opportunities for international students to study in Italy. but one must make sure to reinforce their language abilities in both English and Italian. There are top companies like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Enel, Juventus Turin, Pirelli, and more.

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