Why ideal career test is useful at any age

Ideal career test can be taken by people who are not satisfied with their current job or cannot obtain a sense of satisfaction from it. For such people, career test help them find their true field of interest and can do away with their dilemma. It helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses for career search and helps you steer your career in the right direction. These are designed to assess our personality, interests, aptitude and skills and fish out the best matching professions and careers for us. The test report will guide you in exploring career options in order to get started in career search or change of career.

The test report has 4 sections, which are motivation, aptitude, interest and personality.

Out of the factors, money, respect, creativity, challenge, recognition, freedom, stability, variety, leisure, leadership or challenge, the motivation section analyses the top 3 factors that are driving forces to make you perform well at work.

Your verbal, numerical, spatial, critical dissection and acuteness aptitude is scaled by the aptitude section to understand your aptitude and determine what you are good at and where you fall short.
Interest section follows RIASEC theory to determine your interests and what can keep you motivated.
Your personality is determined to be either one among assertive, factual, deliberate, gregarious, spontaneous, imaginative, passive or solitary. This is done in personality section.
The analysis from all these 4 sections are consolidated to generate a report that determines the clear direction where you should be going.

This helps in uncovering a multitude of possibilities and how to utilize your skills to adapt yourself to climb the professional ladder.
It can be taken by any futuristic person, irrespective of age group, since it helps in discovering right career options.

For students, the test can equip them with a goal, to which they can steer their direction. It can help them plan in advance and emerge out successfully. Freshers or amateurs can explore their career horizons and the career test can be a reason for it. Professionals, who feel the need to change to a new career path or are not satisfied with their present state can easily switch to their field of interest too.