Top 10 Overseas Study Destinations for Indian Students 2020

Statistics says that over 8,00,000 Indian students are pursuing their education abroad. This rise in preference among the Indian students can be attributed to factors like world-class faculty, practical skills and extensive research-based learning programs.
A gist on these overseas destinations helps one compare and contrast to make a choice for the courses.

1. USA:
Rightly termed the land of opportunities, USA has been the first choice for Indian students who looking out for options for overseas education. Even though the Universities are ranked fifth in QS world university ranking 2019, higher tuition fees, and not favourable post-study work permit and permanent residence policies prevent the rush into the country. However, the quality of education is the highest in the universities of the US.
With over 4000 public an private universities and many other community colleges, it has 1.3 lakh Indian students.

The top educational institutes of USA are:

• Columbia University
• Stanford University
• Harvard University
• University of Pennsylvania
• Cornell University
• Princeton University

Courses and Carers offered in USA:

• Masters in USA
• STEM Courses in USA
• Engineering Management in USA
• MA in USA
• Masters in Management in USA

2. UK: UK has made it’s mark in producing the most employable graduates worldwide. The 2-year post-study work permit to the international students in addition to other attractive features like affordable tuition fees, cultural and traditional values and top ranked universities make UK a good option.

Top ranked universities of UK are:

• University of Oxford
• University of Cambridge
• Imperial College London
• The University of Manchester
• University of Warwick
• The open University
• University of Birmingham

3. Canada: Canada has been the most preferred destination for studies due to it’s high quality education, affordable tuition fees, Post-study work permits, PR opportunities and most importantly, it’s celebration of diversity. It can open up windows of opportunities to expand one’s horizons.

Some of the best colleges in Canada are:

• Centennial College
• Red River College
• McGill University
• University of Alberta
• University of Toronto

4. Australia: Ranked third in the Higher Education System Strength Rankings 2018, and with relatively low tuition fees, in comparison with USA and UK, Australia is the most preferred study destination.
It also offers a three-year post-study work permit to international students, followed by permanent residence. Also, according to reports, almost half of the student population end up working in a role related to their field of study. Some of the universities have also made it to the QS rankings of 100 popular universities.

Some of the leading universities to study in the country are as follows:

• Torrens University
• Murdoch University
• Ningbo University
• University Of South Australia
• The University Of Western Australia
• Australian National University
• James Cook University Australia

Courses & Careers in Australia

• Sample SOP for Australian Student Visa
• MBA in Australia for Indian Students
• MBBS in Australia for Indian Students
• Masters in Computer Science in Australia

5. New Zealand: The country offers undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and certificate courses to international students at low tuition fees along with excellent exposure. The students also get easy placement and work permit upon passing.
Some of the top universities in New Zealand are:

• Auckland University Of Technology
• Victoria University Of Wellington
• University Of Canterbury
• University Of Otago
• Massey University
• University Of Waikato

Careers & Careers in New Zealand

• Masters in New Zealand
• MBA in New Zealand
• MBBS In New Zealand

6. Germany: This top study location in terms of low tuition fees and fifth position in ranking is the best option for students as most of the universities here are public-funded. However, the language is a big constraint.

Top Colleges of Germany:

• Technische Universitat Munchen
• Ludwig Maximilian
• Humboldt Universitat Zu Berlin
• Freie Universitat Berlin
• Universitat Freiburg

7. China: This emerging superpower, has risen to be a top study abroad destination for various courses, providing best quality education to the international students.

Some of the top Colleges of China are:

• Tsinghua University
• Peking University
• Fudan University
• City University of Hong Kong
• Nanjing University
• East China Normal University

8. UAE: UAE has many globally approved public and private colleges for providing good quality education in different programs. These provide enough exposure to industries for the students and make them equipped with practical skills.

Top universities in UAE:

• United Aram Emirates University
• Khalifa University
• Zayed University
• Abu Dhabi University
• University of Sharjah
• Gulf Medical University

9. Singapore: Students wishing to study in Singapore needs to apply for a 12 months pass. Also known as the financial centre of Southeast Asia, the education sector of the country, alike the economy is also taking giant leaps, in quality as well as opportunities. Management and other professional courses, Banking and Finance are the famous picks of the students.
However, the higher tuition fees, living costs and strict PR opportunities makes it take a backseat.

Top universities in Singapore are:

• INSEAD Singapore
• James Cook University Singapore
• Singapore University Of Technology And Design
• Singapore Institute Of Technology
• Singapore University
• National University Of Singapore

10. Ireland: Ireland is home to over 30000 international students, of which majority are Indians. Presence of some fine colleges and the welcoming nature of the country has attracted many students to Irish universities. Engineering, Management and other STEM-related courses are among the preferred options among Indian students.

Top universities in Ireland are:

• National University Of Ireland Galway
• University College Dublin
• Trinity College Dublin
• University Of Limerick
• Maynooth University
• Dublin City University

There are many other countries apart from these above mentioned ones. The choice depends on the student’s preferences on the course.