Every person wants best environment and place to live work where he/ she feel extremely comfortable and can explore a lot. Good working and living standards not only make you mentally happy but also helps you to make cordial relations with other people also. There are many countries or cities in the world where every individual would love to work and live, making lots of money. So, there are some countries which very favourable to live as well as work.

As per new survey Switzerland has been declared as the best place to live and work. However thus time surprisingly also Singapore made to top position after Switzerland. According to the annual expat survey of HSBC Switzerland holds the first position, Singapore on second followed by Canada, Spain, New Zealand at third, fourth, fifth position respectively. The other countries in top 10 are Australia, Turkey, Germany, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. In the list of top 10 countries many countries are a new entry like Spain took a significant jump from 13th spot to 4th spot whereas Turkey also jumped from 22nd position to 7th position. However New Zealand dropped from 2nd position to 5th position and Australia remains at 6th spot. The United states of America gets to 23rd position which 2 positions lower than the previous year.

This survey was conducted in the month of March and April where around 18,059 expats were included. As per the survey Switzerland is considered to be the best place for providing better standard of living and great financial opportunities. Many expats also mentioned they have experienced better and a quality life in Switzerland than their own country. They also added that low pollution levels, low crime rates, clean environment are also the factors which makes Switzerland best country in the world to live and work. An average swiss salary is $111,587 which is 47% more than the mean pay package of 33 other nations surveyed. Singapore has been considered best place for expats with children.

According to the recent analysis by Mercer, Hong Kong is considered to be the most expensive city for expats for second time in a row. Tokyo, Japan, Singapore, Seoul south Korea are on 2nd,  3rd, 4th, 5th  positions respectively. Many other names in the list are Shanghai, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, New York and Shenzhen.

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