Recommendation letters are an important part of application process in most MBA programs.

Recommendation letters are used by the admission office to know more about an applicant as stated by Deborah Bibb, assistant dean of admissions at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and Bethani Burkhart, director of career and academic development at Hiram college in Hiram.

According to Bibb,” recommendation letters are a medium of sharing perspective of a person who know about goals and objectives of an applicant. A recommendation letters has a lot of influence about applicant. It also gives description about the skills and talent of an individual which can further be enhanced while pursuing an MBA degree.”

However, the recommendation letters may also tell about the skills which the applicant himself is not aware of or may not have included in the application. Both Bibb and Burkhart said that recommendation letter should come from the professional connections like direct supervisors.

Burkhart says that recommendation letter should be a recent one and by a current supervisor. If an applicant doesn’t have a direct supervisor they can get recommendation letter by any other supervisor who can tell about the skills and ethics of the applicant.

Bibb says that recommendation letter should come from of a person who have seen the individual working professionally and know about the capability of the applicant. She also added that the companies where we send our students to work, wants us to know about all the skills of candidate. So, in such cases recommendation letters help to make good decision making.

It is to be noted that supervisors are one of the busiest people in a business. So, they may feel irritated or may not take out time to write a recommendation letter for you.

You need to build such relationships along with your professional life. So, when you seek help from them, they would happily do that says Bibb. Maintaining good relations with 2-3 people will help you to get a good recommendation letter while taking admission to an MBA program.

One has to make sure that the person who is writing his or her recommendation letter need not look into resume to write about skills of the applicant. The recommendation letter should tell about the professionalism of an individual says Burkhart.

Both Bibb and Burkhart says that recommendation letter should be followed by a thank you note for the recommender. Individual should not take a recommendation letter for granted as they have taken out their precious time to write the letter of appreciation. Before asking a person to write a recommendation letter for you, give them updates about what you have been up to. Always thank them in end.

The thank you note should be handwritten and mailed to the recommender directly. It is best to send the thank you letter within a week to the writer added Burkhart.





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