Psychometric Tests for Higher Secondary Students

As a child, we dream of different professions to pursue. Yet when the time comes for us to select a career we are confused most of the time. We are unable to decide among many courses. The higher secondary school period is a time where decisions are taken may affect our whole life. If someones fail to select a career of his/her choice then they may seem uninterested in their jobs. Some courses that can be taken after 12th std. are

  • Science
  • Arts
  • Professional Courses
  • Vocational Studies
  • Commerce & Finance


Students are frequently found in the whirlpool of confusion to select a career pathway. But the main question is how to determine which career is good for us? Various psychometric tests are available to determine our likes, dislikes, interests, etc. Following are certain tests that can help us in determining a career suitable for us.

Engineering Branch Selector


Engineering is a very popular course, selected by many students. But even if we are sure about our stream we may be confused about the branch to select. As per AICTE, there are 200 branches of Engineering which are further divided into 34 main branches. These branches are of different domains.

The Engineering Branch Selector Test helps us to determine which branch to select. It includes various questions regarding our interests and some questions related to the branch. Different prospects tested in the test are Spatial, Closure, Mechanical, and Logical and map. Copy of the report is given in the format of graphics as well as in a simple form of a table. Below the report guidance for analyzing the results is also given. The test is not based on your educational knowledge but this evaluates a person’s skills and talents.

Engineering Career Selection Test

Humanities Career Selector 

The field of Humanities includes many branches. Some popular ones are Psychology, Social Work, and, Law. After completing graduation students can be confused about the selection of branch. In such situations, we can take help from an accomplished person. If we don’t know any person then we can take psychometric tests.

The Humanities Career Choice Test presents you with solutions to choose a humanities career. It presents a complete and personalized report of all humanities career groups, as well as a broad variety of career opportunities and work fields. A range of things covered in the art class. Analyzing each of them can improve specific abilities and strengths, and also wants a particular interest in training. This summary will assist you to match your decisions, mentality, concrete reality-your choices about workplace life conditions, and the personal/unusual forms needed for various humanitarian careers.

Humanities Career Selection Test

Commerce Career Selector

This domain is related to financial and non-financial branches. In this domain, various branches are available to opt for after completing higher secondary education.

The test gives you a detailed report giving you an idea of which branch to select. For further analysis of the report, one can take the help of a counselor.

Commerce Career Test

Skill Based Career Test

This test is mainly conducted to examine the skills dominated by a student. We can determine the different vocational skills of the student to select the most suitable field. Students of 9th std. can be benefitted the most from this test.

With the huge diversity of our country, we have different preferences for a field and we also dominate different skills. At CareerGuide this test is created in a way to properly evaluate the skill sets of a student. Tests are flexible as per the demands of the students. The results of the test are given in detail so that a specialist can help the student to make informed decisions.

The psychologist John L. Holland created a theory namely the RIASEC theory. The conclusions of the test are drawn based on the occupational interest. By the conclusions drawn, we can select a suitable career when we are aware of our likes and dislikes. Further evaluation can be done with the help of your counselor.

skill based test

Ideal Career Test

With the help of this test, we can determine our ideal career pathway. People of any age can undergo this test. If anyone wishes to change their career and is confused then they can also take this test to evaluate their strengths and likes, dislikes. The conclusion of the test is divided into 4 categories namely motivation, aptitude, interest, and personality. The sections tell us about our strengths & shortcomings, areas of growth.

All the above-mentioned points can be discussed with your counselor and have more advice from them. They will help you evaluate the report and suggest certain fields as per the conclusions of the test.

When you take the test make sure that you are clear about your interest and keep yourself relaxed. Try to give precise answers.

ideal career test

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