MP to see 7 new medical colleges

The country’s medical institutions will receive significant support as the state government plans to establish seven new medical colleges in the coming years. 

 With the establishment of these new medical schools, the number of state medical school clinics will increase from 2,035 to 3,070. 


Authorities will soon send a letter seeking approval from the National Medical Commission (NMC) in this regard later this year. With the opening of these new medical schools, the number of medical schools in the state will be 20.  


 New medical colleges will be established in Mandola, Sheopur, Radigal, Nimach, Mansaul, Singrauli, and Satna, according to officials from the Department of Medical Education. The other three new medical schools have also been streamlined. However, it will take two to three years for the university to open. Speaking of free pass journals, doctors who are directors of medical education, Jiten Shukla, Work is underway to prepare these university buildings. 


 The problem of a shortage of doctors may be alleviated by opening a new medical college. In addition, the shortage of medical teachers needs to be addressed. Universities will also introduce MD-MS degree programs to help provide the country with a sufficient number of medical professionals. These universities were established in partnership with the government of India. The construction of the university costs 325 rupees. The government of India provides 60% of the total. 


 Last year, the government had already promised an amount of Rs 1547.45 for the construction of these medical institutions. According to MoSHealthDr. Bharati Pravin Pawar, Madhya Pradesh, in front of the Lok Sabha, currently has a total of 23 medical colleges. Among them, 14 medical colleges are run by the government, and 9 medical colleges are run privately.

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