The place you prefer to pursue your education has an inevitable influence on your future and complementary factors. Taking up an MBA degree from a foreign university not only gives you a global exposure and recognition, but also opens up a window of opportunities for job, trending ideas on business, maintaining social relationships with international citizens, exchange innovative solutions and end up building a successful global business career.

With a good number of business schools, America has never lost it’s charm to attract the students, primarily because the program has it’s root there. Canada and Europe are steadily increasing in popularity and preference due to affordability, opportunities and ease in visa formalities.

Besides it’s decline in international influx, America still maintains it’s position as home for large student body. This is due to the global rankings, which are made on employment numbers, quality of faculty, diversity of the class, and ROI. Other reasons are based on the opportunities they never fail to provide, like innovation, technology, and business, being the hub of global business.

European courses take a shorter span, without compromising the education standards, at even reasonable rates, buying the students enough time for paying back. On top of it, high quality and high ROI along with the vibrance of European cities has a strong pull for the students. They have the right exposure of best of business and the best of culture, with London being financial and technological hubs.

Canada’s immigration policies, which they believe is vital for economic and social reason, are solely responsible for making it a hospitable country. The country’s 10% population are Indians, which won’t make you feel unfit.

Asian countries like China, Singapore and Hong Kong, are at par with their American/European equivalents. A fast-paced economy, this economic superpower has created jobs and businesses which is a great add-on as far as promising professionals are concerned.
Singapore and Hong Kong are in demand, with the latter being popular for it’s affordability, employability and nightlife, with the living costs compensated by the high salaries.

Australia poses itself as a viable choice with world class education and quality of living at affordable costs. The students can avail scholarships and other aids, and take up part time jobs as well, which eases the living cost burden. With majority of the student community being Indians, these universities offer a comfortable background, with international collaborations giving the right exposure for students.

As decision factors vary according to the available options, it is the personal priority of one factor over the other that matters ultimately.

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