A professional course like MBBS requires real passion and hard work due to the complexity of subjects and also the competition in the field.
MBBS from abroad is recently in trend and have been complemented with quite a few many universities taking up the lead in providing high quality education and facilities.

Given the limited amount of government seats, most of the aspiring students will have to go for private medical colleges, shelling out more . However, if he/she chooses to study abroad, the student can end up spending less. Apart from the reasonable tuition fee, the students can also take advantage of world-class faculty, practical skills and extensive research-based learning programs while studying abroad.

China, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the Philippines, Georgia and Nepal have taken up positions to be the popular study destinations with over 7000 Indian students going outside every year.

But here are a few tips that the aspiring students need to keep in mind while taking steps towards achieving their goals.

1. The Medical Speciality You Would Like To Pursue

There are a multitude of specializations in medical field and one needs to have a clear understanding of one’s interests. You could always take a career counseling with an expert in this field to develop an idea of the same.

2. Know the Best Foreign Universities/Colleges that offer your desired Medical Programme

That done, we need to research on universities which offers the desired medical program with the best curriculum and training. Read on internet and make use of all possible sources to fish out good universities in every country which is proving quality education.

3. Know The Criteria And The Entrance Tests/Exams you need to take for studying MBBS Abroad

Some universities/colleges may require you to qualify an entrance test to enrol you in their university. The criteria for this test may vary according to the country as well as the university. You may take help from an expert consultant for ease.

4. An Estimate of Total Costs/Expenses

Even after securing a seat abroad at an affordable cost, staying in a foreign country for such a long span might require you to chart out your expenses in advance need to set up your finances accordingly. Depending on your financial conditions, you may need to apply for an education loan.

5. Know how to Apply for your chosen University and Manage your Stay

Admission and application procedures may vary from university to university and you have to be familiar with the requirements and the process. Some universities might have accommodation facilities for the students. In case there is no such provision, you have to arrange and look for an alternative. Planning this in advance can make things easier for you.

6. Know the Legal Requirements and the Necessary Formalities:

On moving in to a foreign country as a student, there might be legal requirements and formalities that are prerequisites, including procedures to acquire a passport, visa, necessary medical check-up and vaccination required for certain countries. Find out these before taking admission into a university abroad.

7. Get to Know whether there are any Scholarships applicable

Research on financial aid and scholarships offered, certain criteria in order to receive the scholarship which depends on the scholarship program and whom it is meant for. This might help ease the financial burden of studying abroad.

8. Know the Culture of the Country where you are going to study

Getting to know the culture and social interactions of the country can help you bond with the students belonging to that nation and develop closeness with them. This can also help you form a good friends circle.

9. Plan for what needs to be done after the completion of the course

Knowing the career perspectives of your course an the opportunities in the foreign country can steer you into the right track of your career. You might get a clear picture of your career expectations and dreams from any experienced experts.

10. You may need someone responsible to take care of you, in times of need

Staying alone for a long duration might require you to have someone responsible in case of emergency, even if your university provides necessary care. Consulting a good abroad education consultancy can guarantee your safety in case of emergency.

Once you are through with these, you are all set to move out. Also, you need to have strong clarity of your career interests and expectations to successfully pursue your desired medical career abroad.