Ireland: Non-EEA student numbers up 45% in five years

The number of students enrolling in Ireland for higher education has been increased by 45% between 2013 and 2017 due to the increased number of non-European Economic Area. However, one finds difficulty in finding accommodation and employment. It was noticed that all those who have been issued a permit for study in a full-time higher education program in 2017, 25% were from the US, 17% from India, 15% from Brazil, 14% from China and 5% from Canada. The top country of origin of non-EEA students enrolled in full-time higher education in Ireland was China between 2013 and 2017. Ireland is successfully attracting and retaining increased numbers of higher-level non-EEA students. Ireland allows all the non-EEA students to remain for 12 to 24 months after the completion of the degree to look for work under the Third Level Graduate Programme. In 2017, 2,090 non-EEA students were allowed to stay in the country under the TLGP. However, it is been observed by the report highlights that some students face some difficulties like delays in immigration registration, securing affordable student accommodation and transition to employment after graduation. It is noticed that most of the time employers are not always aware that non-EEA students are entitled to work under the TLGP that’s why non-EEA students find difficulty in finding work. Some students have reported that delays cause stress and anxiety in relation to their legal status and have a negative impact on their academic experience in Ireland. Some positive immigration changes have been observed this year and it is been hoped that this will continue and solutions will be found to make booking and immigration appointment easier.

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