If you are preparing for getting a letter of recommendation then do read this article. There are some important tips which will help you to get a good letter of recommendation.

If you going through the application process for top universities where you want to take admission then be ready, you would definitely be asked for letter of recommendation. Keep this in mind that you would be asked for more than one recommendation. Letter of recommendation can be written by people like principal, employer or any senior officer.


You must have thought that what is the need of letter of recommendation even after submitting all the academic records? So, the answer is very simple that letter of recommendation tells about real personality and behaviour which cannot be seen in your grades. Letter of recommendation (LOR) gives opinions of other people regarding your personality, any hidden talent and skills. So, we can say that letter of recommendation is a brief description about the abilities, interests etc. of an individual.



Read the given samples of letter of recommendation which you think is better

LETTER 1: Suman is an intelligent and a quite student and scores very good marks in all the subjects. She is very regular while submitting the projects and most punctual student of the class.


LETTER 2: Suman is a very cooperating and helping child. She is not only best at studies but also in extra curricular activities. She is book lover and always share her views on the books she read. She gives her best in every project and activity. She has great skills of art and craft. I would consider her to be an all- rounder.


So, after reading the sample LOR we can easily make out that 2nd letter is better. LOR should not be general but unique and must give details about the real personality of the person. Universities always like the letter of recommendation which are different from others. If they do not find anything interesting in your LOR they will not waste their time in reading your LOR since they so many letter of recommendation to read.



Applicants may face confusion that from which lecturer to be asked for the letter of recommendation? So, there are some points which will help you decide whom to ask for LOR:

  • Firstly, you need to check whether the college where you want to take admission demands a letter of recommendation from lecturers or teachers of any specific subject?
  • One can take suggestions from their friends, family and teacher about who they feel can give description about student.
  • You have to make sure that the letter of recommendation should not be written by the person who have known you long back. It should be given by the person who knows you for a considerable period of time and can give views on your present personality. Obviously, you can’t get a letter of recommendation from the teacher who have taught you in primary class.
  • Always ensure that the person from whom are asking for a letter of recommendation is interested and happy in doing so. If you get response like- “I will see”, “may be”. Then get alert they might not be interested in writing a letter for you. Search for any other suitable person who you think knows about you and feels comfortable in writing letter of recommendation for you.
  • Student may think that they will ask for letter of recommendation from the teacher in whose class he scored A grade. You can get a letter of recommendation from them but if may be a general letter which just tells that you are a studious and disciplined student. But if you get LOR from the teacher in whose class you struggled a lot and then improved your performance, you may get a good LOR.





Once your lecturer agrees to write a letter of recommendation for you then give them enough time to do that work. Always keep in your mind that they also have their personal lives with added responsibility. You should give them suitable time and respect. At least, time of 1 month must be given for completion of the letter of recommendation. Rushing them for letter in short period may not get you a good letter of recommendation.


If you want a best letter of recommendation form the lecturer then there are some important points which you must discuss with them. These points must give a positive opinion about your personality. Such points can be as follows:

  • Mentioning some projects where you have participated
  • Tell about some type of challenges you overcame
  • Brief them about your participation extra-curricular activities
  • Also mention the areas where you feel that improvement is required.


If you are applying for online for admission in a foreign university then you may be asked the question “do you wish to waive your write to examine the letter of recommendation?”

So, it would be right if you give up this right.  This would make the lecturer feel more flexible while writing a letter of recommendation for you. Then the letter would contain more interesting things about your personality. Many admission committees also give importance to the letters which are not read by the students.


Once you receive an offer letter from the university where you want to take admission you would be really happy. But do not forget to thank the lecturer who have helped you by a good letter of recommendation. Even if you are not able to get admission to the university then also you must thank them as they have put their efforts for writing a LOR for you.