How to apply for study abroad with scholarship

Pursuing your dream course from the desired country can be a far fetched dream. But don’t let this dishearten you, for there are hundreds of scholarships and grants offered specifically for students who want to study overseas and thousands of dollars worth of scholarships go unclaimed every year simply because no one applies for them.
Even though they may not fully cover your study abroad costs, they’ll help decrease your expenses and make your study abroad experience more affordable. The only solution is to know where to look for study abroad scholarships, but also how to apply for them.

Here are a few tips and guidelines as to how to apply for the scholarships.

Organize, prioritize and apply on time:
Take down the details when you research for scholarships. Write down the details of the scholarship, like the url, the amount of the scholarship, what you need to include in the application, the deadline and who it is for. After your research, you should prioritize the scholarships that you have found, based on which scholarships are you most likely to get, it’s value and with closest deadline.

Apply for many:

Apply for all the scholarships that are applicable for you. This will increase your chances to actually get one, and maybe you will get lucky and get more than one scholarship. Put in sincere effort for each application you make, as incomplete application will not get rewarded.

Apply early to your preferred school:

Many schools let you apply for their scholarships at the same time that you submit your application to study there. Their scholarships are awarded to the accepted students only and it is upto you to apply early, at least before six months before your course starts, to increase the chances of getting a scholarship from your school.

What do I need to include in the application: 
This is purely dependent on different scholarships you apply for. In most cases, CV/resume, an essay, a transcript of your grades, financial aid documents and letters of recommendation are the documents required.


Work on you essay and make it convincingly good as to why you want to study at a particular school or program and why you need this scholarship. Keep it personal and engaging and pay attention to what the scholarship organization is asking for and if they have a limit to the number of words you can use. Now this can be adapted to fit each application.

Letter of recommendation:

A letter of recommendation should be written by a teacher, employer or a coach who knows you and your talents from a professional point of view. You can have more than one signed copy of the letter, if you plan to apply for many scholarships.

Make your application stand out: Competitive scholarships might want your application stand out from the crowd. An appealingly excellent academic record and/or an inspiring essay is a good start. Some of your strong references or merits can be included even if they are not mandatory. However, for one scholarship application might not work for another. Sometimes it is best to stay strictly formal. Try to get a feeling for the organization that you are applying to. Having contacted them in advance might help them remember you, which can be helpful.

Submit your application: Make it a point to apply before the deadline and that you have included everything that they ask for in your application. Check your essay and CV for spelling and grammatical errors and make sure that the envelope is correctly addressed. Don’t forget to sign the application and include your contact details.

This much done, you are good to go to apply for the scholarships.