Fresh Registration for Mop up Round

On, 14th Mar , the Medical Counselling Committee opened fresh enrollment for the NEET Postgraduate 2021 consulting mop-up session.

On, Mar 14th , 2022, MCC opened fresh enrollment for the NEET Postgraduate 2021 consulting hoover session. At, applicants can enroll for the mop-up phase of NEET Postgraduate counselling 2021.

The mop-up phase enrolment  procedure was meant to begin on  2nd Mar, but it basically began on  3rd Mar. Candidates will fill the slots that are empty following NEET Postgraduate 2021 phase 1 and Phase 2 counseling through the mop-up session.



  1. Ways To Register For The Mop-Up Phase In NEET Postgraduate Counseling 2021
  2. is the main site.
  3. Next, under ‘Postgraduate Health Consultation,’ tap on the ‘Digital enrollment’ option.
  4. To login, submit your NEET Post graduate registration number and other relevant information.
  5. Fill out the  form and attach any supporting documentation.
  6. Cover the application costs and upload your registration.
  7. Save a duplicate of the registration form on your computer for future reference.


Once the hoover phase counseling procedure is done, there’ll be a missing vacant phase, but no sign ups will be accepted for it. In the missing vacant phase, there’ll be no possibility for filling options.

“Spots in the Runaway Spacing Stage will be allocated based on registrants’ choices in the Mop Sweep Phase.” “Tech is used to allocate locations ‘virtual.'”Just qualified applicants who do not currently possess a place can compete in the Internet Stray Vacancy Round,” according to an MCC announcement.


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