Crack IELTS in seven days

If you are feeling nervous for your IELTS exam because you have not enough days to get fully prepared for it, then read this article which will help you to make a plan by which you can get prepared for exam in just one week.

There are many students who have their IELTS exam within a week and are still not completely prepared or not even started preparing for it. You don’t need to take tension! This article will you to make a well- structured plan and score an 8 in your exam.

Firstly, we need to know about the structure of the IELTS exam which includes 4 sections. These sections are reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each section would be marked separately. There are also many computer-based tests organised in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad. You can also register online for such online tests. Before making a week long schedule we need to know that what would be our targets to be achieved.

  • Knowing about the pattern of IELTS
  • Make proper plans to score good marks in each section
  • Solving sample paper

So, here is the schedule of one week which should be followed by a aspirant to score good in the exam:



It is very important to know everything about the course for which you are appearing for an exam. If you want to prepare well for your exam then you need to have proper understanding of the course you are preparing. This will give you a summary of what has to be done in coming six days? The things which you need to focus on 1st day are as follows:

  • Year by year format of IELTS exam
  • Overview of reading section
  • Overview of listening section
  • Overview of speaking section
  • Overview of writing section

Basically, it is way of getting mentally prepared for the course which you have to cover in coming days. Having complete information about the marking system for the exam will help you to score better in the exam.


We are going to start our 2nd day with the reading section. You can easily make out by the word reading section that here we will get question related to unseen passages. We have to read these passages and then answer the questions given below. Reading the whole passage is very time- consuming work and you need to complete your exam on time. You just can’t waste your time in just reading the whole passage. So, for this you can use the way of skimming and scanning. You can use this method when you are solving the sample paper. This would get in a regular habit and you won’t face any difficulty while attempting the question in exam.


This is section is mainly about the accent and tone with which you should prepared during the test. For this you can get good English audios on the internet. These audios can be in the form of news programmes, radio programmes and verbal lessons. This will help you in better understanding of words and sentences during the test. You won’t feel unprepared and confused during the test. For better preparation you can through various practice tests on regular basis. Always keep in your mind that if you struck at one question then move onto other question.


This section can easily be cracked by a regular practice of writing which can be done by solving more and more writing sample papers. It would help you to maintain your speed during the actual exam. You would be able to complete the section within time and score well. For better writing skills you can follow the given tips:

  • Always practice at the spot where you can concentrate.
  • Time period of around 1-2 hours must be given for writing section on daily basis.
  • Try to complete your writing section within a set time limit.


You also need to analyse whether you are able to complete the section within the set time or you are taking more time than the previous day. During initial days you can pick up the easy topics and then write the tough one. This would motivate you to do better in this section.







It is the section which many of us feel most difficult to get through. If you really want to perform very good on the day of your exam then you definitely need enhance your speaking skills. This can done by the following ways:


  • Try to take a current topic
  • Give yourself a time of 1-2 minutes to prepare the matter that you will speak
  • Set a timer and speak for 1-2 minutes.
  • Also record whatever you spoke in 1-2 minutes.
  • Make sure your words are loud, clear and understandable.


You can also take help of your teacher to prepare for the speaking section. More you try to address group of people; it would further help you to speak fluently on the day of the test.




By the 6th day your have covered all the sections for your exam. Now, you must practice mock test paper to see how much you are prepared. This mock test would give the idea about the score in final exam. You can easily check on the areas where you need improvement and then prepare accordingly. Try to solve a mock test paper of 3 hours in which you can divide the time in following way for each section:


  • Writing section- 60 minutes
  • Reading section- 60 minutes
  • Listening section- 30 minutes
  • Speaking section- 15 minutes

DAY 7: You’re DONE!

It is the time to check your answers whether right or wrong. Evaluate in which section you need improvement and then work on it. You should quiet and calm for the test next day. Eat well before exam and go with a happy mind for the exam. Your preparation will definitely give better results. Concentrate fully on your exam and do not get struck at one place for than 3-4 minutes. If you are not getting a correct answer then move to next. It is better not to waste time on one question.

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