Date: 29th Aug 2018


The one thing most of the abroad going student worry about is finding a job after completion of their degree. It is very important that they find  job because maximum students have loan of up to 30-40lakhs taken from banks for further education. Well but most importantly they need to find the job right there where they completed their degree, cause in a developing country like India it will be very hard finding a job with required profile and matching the value of earning in dollars. Getting the job outside India will definitely earn you more money, within 6 months you could be out of debt living a life style you are supposed to as a MS holder. For people going to Australia or are thinking about going to Australia, there have been some great changes that you should be aware of. The competition between companies seeking to attract the best talent is fiercer than ever. Over the last year, the market for jobs in Australia grew by 21.4% — that’s an additional 45,000 vacancies. The number of those employed also grew by 2.5%, and yet the market for jobs increased by 2.8%.

There are literally more open positions and less competition, giving job seekers more choice and flexibility. For businesses, that means providing a top-notch workplace environment can be the difference between making that great hire and watching a competitor snatch them up. Best places to work list of 2018 uncovers the workplace in Australia that provide awesome experiences for employees which suggests that not just money but quality of the workplace is also great. As part of the research it surveyed 63,740 Australian employees from 160 companies between May 2017 and May 2018. Each company participating in the study for this list earns a score based on two factors. Two-thirds of the score comes from employee responses to a 58-statement survey. The remaining one-third comes from its evaluation of the company’s policies and procedures in nine specific practice areas. To know the names of the companies make sure to visit the source an for more details on immigration to Australia visit , have a good day!


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