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Australia the land of Kangaroos brings many opportunities for the Skilled workers who want to immigrate to Australia. There are different types of visa options available to immigrate to Australia. If you are highly skilled and want to build your career, you can go with skilled immigration. The skilled immigration is based on point based system that is to score minimum of 60 points.

Now the most important question we face from our clients is ‘What is this point system?’ so let’s cover that first

The Point System:







As you can see in the above table based on your age, education, language skills, work experience, etc. you need to score minimum 60 points to be eligible for any of the above skilled visa in Australia.


First you need to get appropriate IELTS Score, and get your skills assessed by a relevant authority

Choose the appropriate occupation to nominate from SOL /CSOL of Australia.

Get the essential nomination/sponsorship, if applying for a sponsored visa. You also need to apply for appropriate skilled visa for PR in Australia, i.e. subclass 189, 190, etc. read below for more details.

As mentioned above, Score minimum 60 points as per the point based system of an Australia, however, higher the score, brighter the chances of getting a PR

If invitation to apply for visa is received, apply for the same within 60 day time.

Get the essential health and character certifications.


The main categories of Australia Skilled Immigration visa are:

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189– In this category of visa the candidates who are highly skilled and being in demand by Australia state or government territory can go for visa subclass. Skilled Independent Visa does not require any state or family sponsorship. You can directly apply for the visa by submission of EOI.

State Nominated Visa Subclass 190– In this category of visa, the nomination is required by the state or government territory in Australia with skills which are highly in demand in state/territory of Australia. You will score addition 5 points of nomination. The applicant profile must match the STSOL list.

Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 489– This category of Visa allows you to live and work in Australia in particular region to obtain permanent residency. The applicant must be nominated from the particular region, the state where he has to work for 1 year and need to stay at least 2 years in that region to get permanent residency.

There are categories of visa for the different purpose, including Australia Investor Visa for the business holder/new business establishment in Australia, Australia Family Visa to immigrate complete family to Australia, Australia tourist Visa as a temporary visa.

If you are unaware of getting the PR visa process, a good immigrant consultant team like ours can guide you well. We help you in reducing the PR processing time with step by step guidance. So opt for the visa consultant services with best immigration experts at http://gkworks.in/

  1. Eligibility


Remember to make sure you fit these criteria before Applying for Australia Immigration

  1. The applicant should have the good score in IELTS. We would recommend above 7-7.5 as it will get you more points for PR.
  2. Although the points score is minimum 60 points but higher than 60 increases the chances of invitation.
  3. The experience of Job must match the occupation listed in STSOL.
  4. Positive skill test from the authorised government body.
  5. If applied for state or regional visa, must get a nomination from the particular state.
  6. Submission of EOI.

What’s EOI?

An expression of interest (EOI) is a method of showing your interest in applying for a skilled visa to migrate to Australia. It is an online form in Skill Select which asks a series of questions about your skills depending on the visa subclass you select.

  1. After getting the invitation you can go to the last step of complete documentation submission.


  1. Cost


The large chunk of cost involves in filing Australia Permanent Resident Visa is in documentation steps such as skill assessment test, medical fee, etc. Here is the overview of estimated cost involved in Australia PR:

  1. Primary Applicant’s incurred cost – $3670/applicant.
  2. Secondary Applicant’s incurred cost – $1835/applicant
  3. Cost for Kids – $920/kid
  4. Skill assessment Test – Depends on the occupation/profile, maximum being $1000
  5. IELTS Test – Currently $330


Medical and PCC – Depends on occupation and requirements

These are just the basic costing that are mandatory to pay. Your overall cost will involve a lot of other things too. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult an immigration expert before you start your process, so that you can be able to file your PR, economically.


  1. New visa Programme


The new visa programme which came into effect from March 18 after an official notification issued by Department of Home Affairs, comprise two streams — Short Term and Medium Term — and is underpinned by more focused occupation lists that are responsive to genuine skill needs and regional variations across Australia.

Short term visas will be issued for two years, while medium term visas will be issued only for more critical skills shortages and for up to four years. More stringent requirements for the new visas, including at least 2 years of work experience, better English language proficiency and a criminal check are also a part of new programme.

Other key reforms that have been included are a minimum market salary rate which ensures overseas workers cannot be hired to undercut Australian workers, labour market testing, making it mandatory for employers to ensure there is no suitable candidate in the local labour market and extending the permanent residency pathway from two years to three years.

Apart from that more than 650 jobs were available for 457 holders, but under the new visa rules it has been reduced by 200. The new visa programme also include a strengthened training obligation for employers sponsoring foreign skilled workers to provide enhanced training outcomes for Australians in high-need industries and occupations.

The 457 visa was introduced in the 1990s to quicken the entry of business professionals and highly skilled migrants but over time it was opened up for a broad category of workers. The programme was hit by controversy with allegations that the visa was being misused by employers to import cheap workers who lack necessary skill.

6.Life in Australia


Australia is a beautiful beach-oriented country. The country welcomes Indian immigrants in large number, every year to meet the shortages of employees/ skilled workforce in the country.

An Indian Immigrant can be well-settled in the country. This is mainly because Australia is a country with abundant sunshine, India being a tropical country also welcomes great sunshine levels every year. Thus Indians generally holds the capacity to bear the heat. Australia also homes few of the best universities for students. Those Indians who are looking to settle in the country for educational purpose, can happily look forward to Australia.

Apart from education, Australian caters to those skilled workers who are having their work history/experience in IT and related fields. Thus, India being a moving economy in the IT sector can be of great use to Indians for Jobs in Australia.


  1. How to search Jobs

It very important that you are very well trained and good at your job and communication skills because no company would invest their time in hiring someone who is not worth the value. So always prepare well and use your experience to apply for a job to which you will be fit as the best candidate.

1.Find the demand for your occupation in Australia

If you are planning to settle in particular region of Australia, check for the demand of your occupation in that region via Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skill list.

  1. Get your Skill test done with English Certification

These are the two important aspects of your Australia skilled immigration. You should be English proficient and must carry the English IELTS certificate with the minimum of 7 bands in each module of English IELTS exam. As Australia is English spoken country. Secondly, you should have positive skill test report from the authorized immigration consultant company.


  1. Submit EOI (Expression of Interest)

After positive skill test and English certification, the next is to apply for EOI. You can apply for EOI online.

 The Documents You Need to Prepare Before

  1. You well-wrote Resume
  2. Cover letter with details of your Australia PR Visa.
  3. Education history and the Skill test is done by the authorized consultancy.
  4. Certification of English Proficient.
  5. Australia PR visa card.

Apply for Jobs in Australia

  1. Australia Job Sites

Make your profile in Australia Job sites and apply for jobs that match your profile.

  1. LinkedIn Profile

Have a professional LinkedIn profile, connect with Australia companies, recruiters, and employers.

  1. Focus on the Key Industries

Apply mostly for the companies in Australia having good growth rate and the shortage of skills. Some of the industries including healthcare, manufacturing, tourism etc. has a lot of scope for job seekers.

  1. Get your Australia PR Visa

If your profile meets the criteria of Australia government and if you are selected, you will receive the invitation to apply for Australia PR Visa. You must file the application for the visa with perfect accuracy and attach all the essential documents needed with the same. After submission of the application, you have to consistently follow up with the authorities for the approval of the PR visa. If you take the help of the immigration experts, they will reduce half of the burden of your Australia immigration.

  1. What consultants don’t tell

In the beginning, everything will be very exciting, but with time, you will get frustrated by cultural differences and adaptation problems. Stay positive and rest assured that most immigrants feel the same. It’s always difficult when you begin your life as an immigrant because we already have a picture painted in our mind which is not what we get immediately, it takes time and patients and remember there are hurdles to overcome but it’s worth it: Hang in there!

So if you have any doubt about Australia Skilled immigration, Visa or Life in Australia contact us at http://gkworks.in/ today!

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