4 Tips For Scoring Amazing TOEFL Scores

Have you ever thought about going to a foreign university, particularly the English-speaking one, then you should certainly consider TOEFL.  TOEFL stands for Test of English. It is one of the main English language evaluation tests held across the world. Universities ask their international students for the score obtained in this test. TOEFL evaluates your performance in four major areas of the English language, namely Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening. This test was started in 1964 and it is available in both online and offline formats. This test evaluates the proficiency of the non-native speaker in English if they could study there in the English language or not.

Here are some tips which will help you score well in TOEFL:

  • Do Not Hurry Up
    TOEFL is conducted about 50 times at all the permitted centres across the world, with which one could take this test as many times as they but they can not take it more than once every in 12 days. Undergoing this test requires a lot of practice, and practice requires a lot of time. So don’t hurry up, take your time and be well prepared.
  • Grammar and Vocabulary Will Save You
    Grammar and vocabulary are the fundamental elements of good English proficiency. Grammar and vocabulary take a lot of time to develop. To be strong in this field one should go through their High School grammar books again and read the basic rules carefully or one can download some good dictionary online such as Merriam-Webster or could purchase good materials such as Norman Lewis’ Word Power Made Easy, and practice flashcards to remember. One of the best ways to develop good grammar and vocabulary is to watch a lot of English-language series, it would help a lot.
  • Read Aloud And Listen Well
    The two key areas of getting good scores are reading and listening skills. Mostly all the aspirants find it easy to write but difficult to speak or listen. To overcome this one needs to practice a lot. one should read aloud as it helps to clear pronunciation and also improves diction and overall enunciation. Extensive reading helps to gain familiarity with phrases and words which would help a lot in future. For listening skills the best way is to watch a lot of English-language series, it would help a lot.
  • Speak A Lot And Write A Lot
    start having conversations in English regularly with a family member, friend or anyone else who is good in English. With this tongue and mind get trained and used to the language.

If you want to practice alone then you could just easily record your speech and evaluate it or have it evaluated. For writing skills, write articles on daily bases and compare it with previous and prepare accordingly.

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