15 Tips for Targeting Your Job Search during Quarantine


Here we bring you top job search tips from the professionals to make the pandemic advantageous for you. It’s been a tough time to find a job; most of the companies have stooped hiring fresher’s while many companies are not able to pay the employers.


It’s hard to find a job in this tough competition and fewer job opportunities. But remember all the companies are not abolished and the requirement for good employee is still there. So keep the spirit high and follow these tips to get the right job.


Tips for Job Searching


  1. Rethink yourself.


You have an apple of time now to think and find out what you like to do, whether it is some creative thing or an intellectual one. Use the time to find the best in you so that you can search job according to your preference and not make a mistake in a hurry.


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  1. Pursue part-time opportunities.


You can start by doing some part-time job; it will give you experience and time to know your capabilities. You can do content writing, marketing, or even from customer service to tutoring.

There are tons of sites offering part-time jobs to search it and start your career.


  1. Remember: you’re fishing, not hunting.


The situation is pathetic both economically and physically. So don’t stress too much your first few letters may get rejected. Remember you are fishing not hunting so you have to go deep and apply for as many jobs as you can. You will surely get one.


  1. Use this time to network.


Use Linked In to build connections, find you your past colleagues, friends, co-workers, classmates contact them send them emails, messages, calls to see how they are doing a talk to them about your job preferences ask them to suggest some job roles. building new connections can help you to meet more professional people who can recommend you somewhere.


  1. Specify your success.


Be ready with your top success stories of the past and relate them to measurable results. it will help full for you to build a resume, Linked In profile, networking, and in interviews.


  1. Capitalize on keywords.


Use the right keywords to get through the screening process. Make your CV attractive by adding the correct keyword.


  1. Pursue internal referrals.


Look for connections in the company you are interested in. It can be anybody your school friends or just a friend through social media. ask them the hiring possess of the company, skills that can make you their first preference, and not shy to ask them to refer you.


  1. Be ready to reply


Don’t ignore any call from an unknown number it can be a call to schedule an interview. Check your email regularly and reply as soon as possible.


  1. Don’t wait.


Don’t wait for the pandemic to over. Do all the brainstorming and apply to as many companies as possible some companies are still hiring and like they say good things happen at bad times. So don’t wait just hustle.


Tips for Video Interviewing


  1. Get to know your interviewer.


Do the homework and have a detailed idea about the interviewer. You can get the details from the company website or his social media account like LinkedIn.  Show your interest in him or her and prepare some questions to ask at the end of the interview.


  1. Light and Simple


Choose a place that is quit and simple a lot of decoration can be distracting. Check the lighting of the room it should not be too bright or too dim. Make sure you are properly visible from the selected area.


  1. Dress to impress


Dress professionally. Avoid too bright colors or fancy clothes. Wear the dress you are most comfortable in it will boost your confidence.


  1. See eye-to-eye.


Think like you are talking to the interviewer’s face to face and not through the screen it will give you a better vision. Place your laptop at eye level and maintain eye contact all the time. Don’t look here and there it will show you are distracted and not interested in the conversation.


  1. Do some tech-prep.


Before the interview check your internet connections. See whether you have sufficient data or not. Test your system and speaker once before. Be sure you are free of any kind of technical glitches.


  1. Say farewell.

Don’t forget to end the interview in a polite way. Say thank you and goodbye to the interviewer as you would in person. Say him/her that you look forward to hearing from them. It will leave a nice impression of you.

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