10 tips to crack interview for design courses at NID, NIFT & IIT

Several colleges like NID, NIFT, IIT that offer design courses conduct an admission process involving 3 rounds.

The first round is a written entrance test while the second round is of Studio/Situation Test. Students who can pass the first round are promoted into the second round. The candidates who clear both rounds are called for an interview with authorities.

Following are some tips that can aid a person in clearing the interview.

  1. Be on time

As been said first impression lasts longer is very true in such situations of interview. Always try to reach the center for the interview on time. If it is to be conducted via online mode then login into the website at least 15 min before the given time. Note the directions for the venue a day before.


  1. Maintain etiquettes

The use of informal language during the interview can create a negative impact on the interviewers. It is advised to the students to not use slang language like Hi or Hello. Use proper greeting as per the gender of the interviewers. Before entering the interview room make sure your mobile is turned off and if not it should at least be put on silent mode. Replies should not consist of rude remarks. While taking your leave from the room thank the interviewers, greet them and leave the room.

  1. Dress appropriately

Interviews don’t have a proper dress code. But when one goes for the interview the dress should be formal. Footwear used should also be formal. Wearing casual footwear to the interview should be strictly avoided.

  1. Do not use slangs

Students are strictly instructed to not include slang words like ‘you guys, ‘OMG’, ‘cool’, ‘kinda’, ‘what’s up’, ‘awesome’ etc. into their speech. Communication should be conducted in a formal language only. If a person uses slang language during the interview then their chances of clearing the interview are very low.

  1. Maintain eye contact

Confidence is an important key in clearing the interview. When you are answering a question or you are been asked a question then try to look in the eye of the interviewer. This small gesture shows that you are confident with your answers. Your expression should show your interest in the interview and do not simply stare at the interviewer.


  1. Carry your Portfolio

It is always advantageous to carry a portfolio because the interviewer can know about your achievements and capabilities at once. This way the questions for the interview can revolve around your portfolio.


  1. Do your homework

Little studies at the university and direction which you are making use of for will constantly are available in handy. You can arrange that investigation with the help of the internet. The advantage of researching the institute can prove your interest in the institute.


  1. Avoid conventional answers

Some common questions are always asked in the interview. Do not commemorate the answer and give honest answers to the questions asked. Most of the questions asked during the interview for design courses are related to the creative side of the candidate.

Some of the several popular questions asked in NID and CEED interview rounds are – Why did you select this particular course/ Where do you see yourself 5 or 10 years down the line?

Such questions are asked to know more about the personality of a person. There are no correct answers to such questions. Therefore one should try to be honest.


  1. Know your subject

Most of the interviews for design course admissions spin around seeking out the candidate’s talent and potential for the design course they wish to pursue. Therefore it is advised to prepare for the field they wish to pursue. Learning about the important personalities in their respective field is also important.

  1. Do not know the answer, admit it

There may be some questions one may not know the answer to. When you are stuck in such situations then admit that you are unaware of the answer rather than guessing the answers. These actions would create negative impact on the interviewers.


Following may help you as well.