An appeal was filed by the State of Tripura on which the Supreme Court issued notice to a man who has obtained his MBBS degree from a fraud as he had taken admission in the college by producing fake certificate.

The Apex Court issued notice returnable on 20th August, 2021.

The Bench of Justice U U Lalit and Justice Ajay Rastogi has heard the present SLP documented by the State of Tripura testing the reproved request giving legitimacy to the degree of MBBS of the respondent/Sukanta Bhuiya which Court itself has acknowledged that it was acquired fraudulently by delivering fake cast certificate while taking admission to get the advantage of reservation.

Mr. Shuvodeep Roy, Counsel for the Petitioner, for example State of Tripura, has submitted before the seat that single just as the Division Bench of the High Court has completely conflicted with the legal plans.


He further depended on the judgment passed by the Division Bench of Apex Court headed by Justice Chandrachud on account of Balram Bharia which as per the petition is applicable in the current case.


The Supreme Court on the submission made by the Counsel showing up for the State of Tripura has observe that whenever a man falsely asserts a specific status, and that status must be found unacceptable. The logical course is that whatever advantage he should infer by projecting that specific status should be deny to him.


In this matter Tripura High Court has given its decision considering the way that this individual has additionally gained post-graduation qualifications in MBBS based on a similar degree during the period in which the challenge made against the said certificate.


Further, the State of Tripura has submitted to the Top Court that, the plan of Tripura Act is bit unique in relation to the Maharashtra Act. In Maharashtra if any individual needs to take advantage of his caste status he needs to go to the examination board of trustees. In any case in Tripura the certificate created by the person is in itself is final provided that they restore the power to cancel that certificate. Appropriately, in the wake of getting the complaint an enquiry is made and seen individual guilty.


The High Court however thought to be the way that the respondent/man has acquired admission in MBBS Course based on bogus caste certificate and in this way denied a deserving student of the said local area from getting admission. However, Court was of opinion that in imparting education in Government educational institute, citizen’s funds are redirected to sponsor the education. Hence such endeavors would totally go waste if the petitioner’s basic degree is removed.

The High Court after evaluation the importance of the situations has fined the respondent/man to deposit Rs. 5,00,000 in a period of 6 months in 6 monthly installments starting from 01.02.2021. And if he fails to do so till 1.7.2021 his MBBS degree will be canceled.

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