New regulations for foreign medical graduates about practicing registered medicine in India.


The new regulations regarding students studying medicine abroad have been regulated by the National Medical Commission(NMC).

For practicing medicine in India , the students who have completed their medical graduation abroad have to pursue an extra supervised internship for a 12-month tenure in India. Usually medical students are asked to complete a 12 month internship program for completing their graduation. But for students who have studied medicine abroad an additional internship (including their 12month internships) is required. This is now the basic requirement for practicing medicine in India.


Along with this ,the abroad studied students need to clear the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) as a basic eligibility criteria to be registered in India.

It is also planned that the National Exit Test (NEXT) will be conducted in place of the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) .


From  November 18, 2021 (Foreign Medical Graduate Licentiate Regulations 2021 ) law came into effect.

This regulation has been released by NMC, and it states the needed eligibility criteria of practicing medicine by permanent registrations in India for the medical students coming from abroad.


Doubled internship required with the foreign MBBS degree.


The MBBS curriculum has a minimum tenure of 4.5 years for its completion, and is English medium based. According to the new notification released by NMC, the candidates completing their MBBS in medical colleges abroad should compulsorily pursue their internship of 12 months from the same medical foundation.


It means the 12 month internship program is medical training and should be completed from the same medical college from where the student has done a course of 4.5 year duration. The internship will be considered only if it’s from the same institution. If a candidate pursues the internship from India or any other country or place other than that foreign medical college from where his degree is completed , the candidate will not be considered eligible to practice registered medicine in India.


After returning from abroad the foreign medical  students are required to pursue the second  supervised internship of 12-month duration.

After it’s completion they are abide to give the licensing exam- National Exit Test (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination prior)


FMGE will be replaced by NEXT


The qualification ratio of FMGE is very low, only few of the foreign medical graduates qualify for it. National Exit Test (NEXT) will be replacing the earlier Foreign Medical Graduates Examination. The curriculum of NEXT  is analogical to that of Indian MBBS.


According to the National Medical Commission, NEXT will also replace the NEET-PG. The National Exit Test will serve as an entrance examination for medical postgraduate courses(MD, MS). It will also work as an exit entrance for Indian MBBS graduates

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