NEET UG 2021: Arising challenges on question paper


NEET is one of the most problematic exams in India, which comes for various issues every year. Usually, NEET is criticised by many lecturers and experts, for its exam pattern, exam pattern and so on. Like that, this year also the exam is getting questioned for its Hindi translation (NEET 2021). A physics lecturer has now come up with an open letter to the PM, by criticising the mistake in Hindi translation of a question. 

In this particular question, the English word “amplitude of current” was wrongly translated to Hindi. The Hindi version had only the word current. Amplitude was mission in the Hindi question, which will completely change the entire question itself. The problem is based with the square value of amplitude of current, which in turn will become square of current only in Hindi translation. Since the wrong answer will have negative mark for 5 points, this wrong translation will risk the rank of Hindi medium students, in a big way itself. 

The open letter was drafted by Ajith Singh Banthia, a retired physics lecturer, before the PM, Narendra Modi. In the meantime, the Hindi medium students of NEET 2021 (UG) have also come up with a demand on approving the Hindi question, as the final one. They informs that more than two lakh students had opted for Hindi medium, whose score will have drastic changes based on this particular question. In the previous month itself, NTA had declared answer key for the exam. The students, there also demanded for modifying the answer key, which was likely ignored by the Agency. Now, they had gone for Supreme Court also, for claiming the same. The Court has taken the case on November 30, where NTA submitted a Fraudulent Affidavit. The affidavit is also challenged by several physics teaching experts, from various parts of the country, by stating that it is against the facts in standard textbooks for the exam, including NCERT texts. 

Brajesh Maheswari, one of those experts in physics says that the translation of the question to Hindi only has mistake, whereas other translations are correct. This will lead for two answers for same question, just because of this translation error.  However, this mistake will definitely pay for the life of so many students, who have attended the exam in Hindi medium. 

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