NEET 2022- What you need to know?  


With NEET 2021 counselling sessions taking place at full swing, NEET 2022 registrations are set to begin soon. It has been understood that application forms for the same will come on the web on the official website of Like always this process is administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA), and it will be carried on at high level. Though the original dates for releasing applications was in the month of early January but due to Covid restrictions and other hurdles, the process has been delayed. Reports suggest that it may commence in the month of March and the exams will take place in June. 


Keeping in mind the impact of the third wave of Covid-19 and the Omicron threat, NEET 2022 will give itself a kickstart in March. Some also say that since the Assembly Polls are also taking place, two important events may cause a turbulence which is why it has been delayed. The NEET 2022 exam is most likely to happen in the month of June. However, owing to the unexpected covid situation in the country, no confirmed date has been announced by the body. It all depends on the future timeline of Covid and other disturbance causing agents. Since many candidates appealed for conducting the exam twice, it is still an unanswered query to see how the government responds to it. Aspirants have strongly demanded to uphold this exam twice a year in order to help students who couldn’t crack the exam. It is also a good chance to help students prepare better, keeping in mind the large number of suicides and pressure of clearing the exam in students increased vastly during the lockdown.


Another important news that is doing rounds is the change of question paper pattern. The exam is expected to happen in a new pattern which will give candidates internal choices unlike the previous year’ NEET exams. Some of the expectations include a total of 200 questions in the entire question paper. Out of this, owing to the choice structure, candidates have the freedom to attempt 180 only. Further details that follow is that the question paper will contain 3 sections with all the 3 branches of Science to help students crack the exam in easy methods. The total of the question paper marks is likely to be of 720 marks. Amidst this 100 will be the biology part, 50 each in Physics and Chemistry to count it all. The biology section of the question paper is a mandatory field. Candidates have the freedom to choose 35 questions each from the other 2 sections. Regarding the scoring areas, every correct answer is awarded with 4 marks and a wrong answer gives 1 negative mark.


NEET was introduced in the year 2013 for medical related admissions for both PG and UG. NTA takes the utmost responsibility to host this ultimate test. With a view of growing medical aspirants, NEET 2022 is likely to see over 15 lakh applicants which is a large number compared to other years. 

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