MBBS Final Merit List 2021

Maharashtra The AFMC has issued directions for MBBS students who would be joining the institution in the upcoming year through a latest revelation. In addition, the institution has revealed the candidates’ final merit list.


For the 2021 sessions, AFMC will enrol 115 boys and 30 girls to the MBBS degree programme. The technique for selecting applicants is outlined in the following sections. Students are recommended to properly examine these guidelines.




Qualified boys and girls applicants’ Official Merit List (select/waitlist) will be granted access on the AFMC gateway of the MCC webpage: www.mec.nic.in and www.afmc.nic.in/www.afmcdgld.gov.in. Such lists would also be posted on bulletin boards at the DGAFMS New Delhi and AFMC Pune offices. Candidates should keep an eye on the website for changes on a frequent basis. They are also urged to stick to the reporting dates for admission listed in Paragraph 4 below, regardless of whether or not they get direct conversations.



The admissions process will take place at AFMC Pune. Individuals should come to the Reception Center in the Admissions Cell, which is located near Gate 4 of the AFMC. Only Gate No. 4 will be open for entry. The following safeguards will be undertaken in light of COVID 19:


(a) Only the student’s parents or 2 guardians will be allowed to attend him or her.

(b) Everyone must follow COVID 19 procedures, which include wearing masks.


(c) Everyone must have the Aarogya Setu app and bring a duplicate of their COVID 19 vaccination certification.


The following are the dates for Select List and Wait List applicants to report to AFMC:


(a) For Male Candidates (Boys) and Female candidates (Girls)


1st Note:


(i) Candidates from the Select List who are unable to report within 14 and 16 February 2022 owing to legitimate reasons or unforeseen conditions and who have requested a modification of schedule (in advance) from the Dean, AFMC, may well be deemed eligible if they report before or on 17 February 2022, 5 PM. Candidates on the Select List who present after that date will only be deemed eligible on the next scheduled date of reporting (i.e. 19 February 2022), according to vacancy allocation. However, he or she will be deemed eligible after the wait list applicants who were scheduled to report at 9 a.m. on that specific day are reviewed. In this case, no representation will be accepted.


(ii)Individuals on the Waiting list who are attending on February 19, 2022 will have their presence taken at 9 a.m., and any unfilled seats (if any) will be allocated in the order of merit. Students who fail to present personally on the day of presenting by 9 AM from the Long Waiting list (which will be issued on February 16, 2022 at 8 p.m.) will be declared absent and will not be eligible for the admission procedure. A Waiting – list participant who is unable to notify on or before February 19, 2022 at 9 a.m. due to rational reasons or unforeseen conditions and has requested a modification of date (in writing) from the Dean, AFMC, may indeed be deemed eligible if he or she claims on or before February 20, 2022, subordinate to vacant position availability. In this case, no participation will be accepted.


(iii) On future reporting days, a corresponding method will be conducted for unfilled slots (if any) for individuals lower down the  Waiting list (If required).


(b)Aspirants on the queue who disclose more than the amount of possible positions on the day of presenting are instructed to give themselves up everyday by 9 a.m. on following days for any positions that may arise until the admittance procedure is finished. Any vacancies that arise till the admissions phase is terminated will be fulfilled the following morning. As a result, applicants are urged to remain in Pune on their own accommodations and appear to AFMC until the admittance phase is terminated, that is, until all openings for 115 males and 30 females have been covered. Spaces would be posted on a bulletin board in the “Applicants’ & Families’ Arrival Hall” beside the Admittance Block on a regular basis. The same is presented and checked on a regular basis on the portals.(www.afmc.nic.in/www.afmcdgld.gov.in).


(c) It is significant to remember that the admittance procedure will end without notification when 145 spots (115 Males and 30 Females) are completed for Waiting List Males and Females presenting on 19 Feb, 2022 (following). This means that if an applicant is summoned for admittance after 16 Feb, 2022, he or she might not have been eligible to receive a spot if individuals with higher quality complete the spots available.



Whereas the applicants were proclaimed physician suited by the assigned Medical Board immediately of Security check for MBBS Enrollment – 2021 briefing, they will be subjected to a second medical audit by a Medical Officer at the time of the last enrollment to the campus to control out whatever apparent illness that may have took place just after Medical Board at the time of Security check.



The Informative Handbook for Enrollment to MBBS Program – 2021, which is accessible on the portal www.afmcdgld.gov.in, must be reviewed by the applicant. It is the applicants’ obligation to determine if they meet the requirements. The ultimate qualification would be determined by the MUHS Nashik, & AFMC would not be held liable for any error on the behalf of the applicant.



The narrating of documentation must be submitted by aspirants:


(a) Set Of Documentation to be Forwarded to MUHS NASHIK Including The Registration Paper


(i) Individually provide a collection of actual papers as well as a collection of duplicates in the order listed below:








2nd Note:


(a) Aspirants who have identical papers provided by organizations, institutes, or governmental entities must present necessary testimonies for the loss of primary manuscripts.


(b) The MUHS, Nashik, does not recognise Citizenship Certifications / Abode Certifications attested by Notaries / Recognised Officers, etc.


(c) If an applicant has been accepted into another campus and has submitted the primary sources listed in Paragraph 7 previously, but is missing one or more papers, he or she should be allowed to proceed with the intake procedure under the following factors:


(i) The applicant must show the actual Transfer Slip/Bonafide Certification by the University in which the actual certifications and/or documentation were placed.


(ii) The paper / certification should carry the University seal as well as the sign of the University relevant authority.


(iii) The applicants must have verified genuine duplicates of the documents/certificates that were submitted.


(iv) During five business days of the initial recognition, the actual papers must be granted access.



Applicants accepted into the AFMC for MBBS programme are required to be offered as Medical Officers in the AFMS after completing the programme. At the time of enrollment, a Service Obligation Guarantee Contract in accordance with the sample to such directions must be presented. At the initial visit, Families and Applicants will accept and implement the contract. AFMC Pune would amend preparations for getting the Notary’s endorsement and giving a non-judicial stamping sheet ₹ 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only). The applicants will be responsible for the stamp paper plus notarized fees. If the applicant  exceeds the range of 18 years, 1 guardian must accept the surety contract in addition to the applicant. The surety contract is signed by each parent and 2 caregivers if the applicant is a juvenile (under the range of 18). Failure to file the contract at the moment of university admissions will result in enrollment revocation. For applicants accepted in the year 2021, the bond charge is ₹ 61,00,000/-. It should be emphasised that if an applicant is designated non-service obligation (NSL) at any stage throughout the training for any cause besides medical reasons (outside of the applicant’s command), the applicant will be dismissed from the programme.In supplement to the Bond charge, the expense, tuition costs, and other costs, as necessary, must be given for any additional tenure beginning after the NSL is proclaimed.

Applicants and their families should be aware that, under the Service Obligation Surety Contract, the applicant cannot resign from the institution beyond 1600 hrs (4 PM) on the (7) day after the time of receipt. Any applicant who withdraws from campus before 1600 hrs (4 PM) on the 7th day after admittance will be required to contribute the bond money at a formed by a set to the duration of time they had studied in the institution, up to a maximum of .Rupees 61,00,000/-.


If an applicant whose been conferred a Charge in AFMS after completing a Mbbs degree pertains for update from provider inside 7 years of receiving the said committee, & his/her withdrawal is approved by the Govt in line with the regulations in coercion, he/she would be obligated to compensate the Bond Money at a price commensurate to yearly or portion thereof unaccomplished obligation, up to a maximum of Rupees 61,00,000/-.


An applicant can be NSL if a Medical Board determines that he or she is physically unsuited for commission as a result of any sickness or impairment discovered while instruction or previous to licensing. If he or she is proclaimed unfit for service due to an illness or conditions over and above his or her influence and will not deny care, he or she should be allowed to proceed their clinical training with the authorization of the DGAFMS and billing of the expenses as officially approved since the day they have been asserted NSL. The current weekly level of paying is Rs. 28,166/-. The actual cost might well be altered from the basis of feedback on government-approved training costs.



Applicants accepted to AFMC would be referred to as Med Cadets and would be bound by the institution’s “Rules of Behavior,” which will be provided to them as a hardcopy at the time of enrollment. At the initial visit, the applicant must submit a certification, which must be notarised by the parent or caregiver, stating that the Institution’s “Standards of Ethics” guidelines have been studied and would be followed, failure whereby the applicant will be liable to be punished.



Just at time of enrollment, the Applicant will undertake an Indemnity Arrangement. This is a prerequisite because of the possibility of physical harm occurring through sporting events, outdoor adventures, hospitalisation, or the usage of delivery trucks while receiving training at AFMC Pune.



The purpose of certificate validation is to ensure that the applicant meets the qualifying requirements. The ages, academic level, fitness, and other factors listed in the Informative Handbook for Acceptance to MBBS Course-2021 will be used to set standards.


When an applicant is deemed to be qualified for admittance, he or she must pay the required charges and provide official documentation. Aspirants should assure they have all of the documentation listed in Paragraph 7 previously. The participant’s official records will be retained at the Dean’s Office and would not be released to him or her except if the contender retracts from the Institution. There will be no additional time for depositing funds or submitting documentation, and seats will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.



Aspirants and their families would be responsible for making their respective lodging accommodations in Pune. AFMC won’t offer accommodation or feeding facilities. The participant’s admittance procedure will be finished on the day of his or her arrival. Upon fulfillment of the admissions process, dorm accommodations will be reasonably obtainable. The applicant must check into the hostel on the very same day. If the applicant is accepted to the Institute, he or she would not be permitted to return with his or her family members. As a result, upon arriving at University for admittance, he or she must carry the personal goods essential for his dormitory term.


Depending on the particular Covid 19 status and orders, an individual may be required to pass isolation after arriving for admittance. Nevertheless, if the institution has not resumed as a result of the Covid 19 scenario at the time of enrollment, accepted applicants may be required to remain home until additional directives for attending the institution and dormitory are given.




Observation: –

The above fees must be paid in the following bank account:


  • Acc Name: ‘Dean General Fund’
  • Acc Number: 183101000006369
  • Bank name: Indian Overseas Bank
  • Branch: AFMC, Pune
  • IFSC Code: IOBA0001831


The Institution payment and Institution fee/charges/deposits are likely to modify at any moment based on revisions provided from the appropriate people.


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