Established in 1921 , Poltava State Medical University is a Ukrainian state-run medical and dental school, also known as Ukrainian Medical and Stomatological Academy (UMSA). This non-profit public higher education institution, with selective admission policy has a student population of over 3627 students of which, over 1000 are foreign citizens from 42 different countries worldwide, including India, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Pakistan, Libya, Russia, Turkmenistan, etc., and is a highly regarded highly regarded public higher education and research institution university in Ukraine.

Ranking of Poltava State Medical University
• Country rank is 76
• World rank is 7255
• Achieved 6th highest accreditation level in 1994
• Recognized with level 4 Accreditation level
• Officially accredited and/or recognized by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
• Fully recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), International Medical Education Directory (IMED), US Education Department and General Council Of Medicine of Great Britain , Medical Council of India (MCI), Medical Council of Nepal, PMDC, European Universities Association and lot of other countries.

Location of Poltava State Medical University
Located in the small city of Poltava, a city located on Vorskla river in central Ukraine, Poltava State Medical University, in Poltava Oblast is a city of regional significance, making it well connected and accessible by trains, buses and minibuses, with all basic amenities well within the reach.

Faculty of Poltava State Medical University 
The University has 56 departments, divided into 6 faculties, with a scientific potential of the 82 doctors, 316 PhDs, 75 professors, 171 associate professors, 2 Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, 8 Honoured Scientist of Ukraine, 6 Honoured Doctor of Ukraine, presiding over the faculties.

The Poltava State Medical University has the following faculties:
• Faculty of General Medicine
• Faculty of Paediatrics
• Faculty of Dentistry (Stomatology)
• Faculty of Pharmacy
• Faculty of Post Graduate Education
• Faculty of Preventive Medicine
• Faculty of Nursing

The University offers officially recognized higher education courses with different study options for the students to pursue their course, like, day and part-time training in afternoon(evening classes) on a range of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels.

Advantages of studying in Poltava State Medical University
• The University offers high quality education at world standards and other facilities made available at affordable tuition fees.
• The University has all the standard facilities with sixteen buildings, including five academic buildings, a vivarium, hangars, a library, reading rooms, a sports complex, a dining room, a cafe, and a health and sports camp.
• The University has outstanding international facilities and research centres which help the students in gaining more knowledge, experience and provides exposure for students.
• The University has a Medical advisory of 35 clinical bases, which are the best in the region, for providing hands-on clinical and practical training for students.
• The University offers accommodation facilities for the students in four fully furnished dormitories, which are at walkable distance from the University, with all standard facilities, like bedding, sheets,pillow,blanket,TV,Refrigerator ,Laundry, Dining and Heating system and Microwave oven.

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