MBBS abroad: new regulations and policies for medical practice in India


Foreign Medical Graduate Examination is a new examination initiated by the National Medical Commission of India, as a qualification required for getting license for medical practice in India, for students who have completed their medical education in abroad nations. Even though it is proposed recently, there are many doubts for students related to its specifications. Now, the commission has released a notification on 18th November 2021, about the regulations of the exam.

The commission in its notification states that the students who have already started their education outside, before its issue date, that is 18th November, will not be required to take part in this, for their medical practice in India, after education. Or in other words, the students who have completed or started their foreign medical education, before the date on which the regulation is implemented, will be exempted from it, according to this notification. 

The students who have completed graduation in medical education just within 10 years, from admission date, will be considered to be eligible for recognition as a medical practitioner. Also, the commission declares some other criteria for the permanent registration, within the country as well as outside.


Eligible graduates includes the people who satisfy the following criteria


  1. Medical degree –  completed in  at least 54 months, or four and half years
  2. Internship – same education institution, for at least one year
  3. Medical degree – English as a medium of instruction
  4. Subjects studied – including all subjects in schedule 1 of the notification
Registered for license in any professional regulatory authority in the country where degree is received, and allowed by them to provide medical services to the citizen of that country.
After applying for license, one year compulsory internship is completed in India, in a recognized institution
Qualified in mandatory tests for getting license, organized under the commission (like, National Exit Test)


Qualifications required for accepted as a foreign medical graduate


  1. Education and training that will be equal to that of a student of any Indian medical institution.
  2. Course period and subjects studied-
  1. Theory, practical and clinical training equal to the graduate of MBBS degree in India.
  2. Internship or training for twelve months, additional to the study period
  3. Subject specific training


Community Medicine General Medicine
Psychiatry Pediatrics
General Surgery Anesthesia
Obstetrics and Gynecology Orthopedics
Otorhinolaryngology Ophthalmology
Dermatology Emergency or Casualty Services
Lab Services


  1. Graduation and training equal to the MBBS degree of India, according to the Regulations on Graduate Medical Education, 1997.
  • Also, the authorities may review the curriculum offered in the university website, which is specified in the certificate, to ensure its validity in the same


  1. The location of the institution – total course and training must be completed outside India. Also degree and internship must be from the same country, in the same institution.
  2. Time taken for graduation – minimum ten years from the date of admission is mandatory.  Degree received in less than the specified period will not be considered.


However, the students who are going to pursue medical degree in the upcoming year will need to qualify FMGE mandatorily, in order to practice medical profession in the nation. The experts are advising the new aspirants to go thoroughly through the regulations and course details, before the admission, in the future years. Moreover, they also expect that the regulations will also get modified, giving relaxation to many aspects, like course duration and so on. Also they expect that the time duration for completing MBBS in any foreign nation will increase subsequently, as a reaction of these regulations.

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