Dated: 21st June 2018

You no doubt know that if you want to study in the US or another English-speaking country, you have to prove your language skills are up to scratch by taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or a similar exam. TOEFL is the most widely accepted exam in the US, though the IELTS or Cambridge Language exams are also accepted at many institutions across the US and the world.
So, just what is a ‘good’ score? According to information obtained by US News, the answer lies with the universities themselves.US universities and colleges are in charge of setting their own minimum scores for admission, so what determines a good score depends on where you want to study.
Different universities have different requirements, but in general they range anywhere from 60 to about 90.
Among highly ranked schools with an emphasis on research, US News data revealed the average minimum TOEFL score was 78.1 for undergraduate applicants from overseas in the 2016-17 academic year. When national liberal arts colleges were looked at, however, this score rose to 82.5.
It may seem pretty confusing as there is no single score which will get you into a top college, as every college specializes in a different sector, and may need a score either less or more independent of its ranking on the international websites.

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