China has put a restriction on the Universities permissible for teaching medicine in English in China, restricting the number of universities to 45, and has clarified that the students pursuing medicine from the universities apart from the enlisted 45 should be willing to learn Chinese and receive their degree in Chinese.

According to Chinese Ministry of Education (MoE), universities are strictly prohibited from teaching medicine in a bilingual curriculum.

This decision is made prior to the 2019 admissions which would see thousands of Indian students applying for Chinese Universities. The Schools which are not under the list can only enrol undergraduate students majoring in clinical medicine in Chinese, without compromising their training standards. The MoE imposes a ban on Bilingual Teaching mode which is intended to draw more foreign students.

There has been a hike in the number of students flocking to China for pursuing Medicine, with the record hitting 21000 in 2018, the primary reason being low tuition fees. However, not all the students are enrolled in universities that comply with the MoE specifications and the students end-up with degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine, with little exposure to modern medicine.

The Indian embassy on Monday has advised the prospective students to note the authorised 45 universities which can admit international students for medical degree in English.

The complete list of authorised universities with their intake is given below:


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