Dated: 3rd July 2018

The Government has suggested various changes to the post-study visa rules, including removing employer-sponsored post-study visas and introducing a one-year visa for people who have completed non-degree qualifications at level 7 or below. That includes level 5 and 6 diplomas offered by the polytechnic in areas like engineering and construction, as well as graduate qualifications at level 7.
Polytechnic communications director Mike Waddell said the changes could damage New Zealand’s reputation in the global tertiary education market.
He understood there was a sector risk of about $40million to polytechnics and training institutes, and a risk of about $4.3 million to Otago Polytechnic in particular.
Overseas students who opted to take polytechnic graduate diplomas were often already well-qualified but wanted to upskill, and their potential value to the economy should be taken into account, Mr Waddell said.
Other proposed changes include requiring international students studying level 8 or 9 qualifications – which could include a bachelor’s degree with honours, a master’s degree or a PhD – to be studying in an area specified in the long-term skills shortage list for their partner to be eligible for an open work visa.
Such changes may create a lot of confusion in minds of parents and students who were planning on getting education in New Zealand, but it is better to be in touch with all the changes and not make a rash decision. Good luck for your bright future.

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