Heads up parents. Wakeup before it too late! Study Abroad much safer than MBBS in India

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bengaluru/mbbs-seat-frauds-15-cases-in-less-than-a-month/articleshow/65639979.cms

Such cases are increasing day by day; it is very important to lookout for suspicious agents who say that they can get you a seat in MBBS colleges. These people are becoming more and more intelligent day by day making crores by fraud. As the process of filling up management seats for MBBS courses keeps city colleges busy, a slew of fake agencies promising medical seats to students who’ve not made the merit cut, have the cops burning the midnight oil.

At least 15 cases of individuals or agencies cheating parents and students have been registered at different police stations in less than a month while police claim that nearly 40 parents have been duped by such people. More than Rs 5 crore has changed hands in the 15 cases, with parents losing in the range of Rs 10-70 lakh.

In some cases, the investigators have found that people who have worked in a medical college, or some that are still close to the management are involved in cheating aspirants. However, they could not reveal the identities immediately given the status of the probe.

Pointing out that several colleges use middlemen to fill up their management seats, one officer said: “Since this practice exists, parents believe the agencies easily.”

Police say these organised gangs surface only during the admission season, get a windfall and go underground. “They are so organised that they have access to a database of seat seekers who are approached through hired tele-callers or through bulk SMSs,” said an investigating officer.
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