Dated: 19th August 2018


A very shocking news has come forth of an incident which happened in Delhi, we always insist people on relying on a trusted source when investing in your education because the right knowledge matters. A businessman from Haryana lost Rs 21.5 lakh to a Delhi-based conman who promised his son an MBBS seat in a reputable college in southern Bengaluru. This is so naïve step to take without making sure of a person’s credentials. This article is a lesson to all who might think of using other ways for a seat. We at  are working tirelessly to make the best out of your investment and inspiring people to study abroad where you will be away from such frauds and get a world class medical degree.

This is how the incident actually happened. Kishan Lal, of Karnal, first transferred Rs 1.5 lakh as “processing fee” to the bank account of Bhupinder Singh, who runs a consultancy named Vision Enterprises. It was Singh who approached Lal and promised the seat. Lal gave him the documents that showed his son was eligible to study medicine. Singh then asked for the “processing fee”. On August 10, Singh asked Lal to come to Bengaluru along with Rs 20 lakh as “capitation” to be paid to the college authorities. On August 13, Lal met Singh at a coffee shop on MG Road and handed over the money. Singh gave him a fake letter and said his son would get a phone call from the college and left the place. Lal went to the college the next day only to realise he had been duped. Singh was inaccessible. Lal then went to the police.

But now he is short of 20 lakhs and  no guaranty when they will catch the guy, we request you to please rely on trusted resource whenever investing money, there are so many universities out there who value your wish of seeing your son/daughter get a degree, all you have to do is approach us at and we will make sure you get the best one!