FMGE test that was held in June 2018 is out. Please open the below pdf and find your result . This PDF contains results for all candidates. Please note that this result don’t contain university by university and country by country details. As we all know, students need to score 150 or above marks out of 300 in exam to pass.


Some points to note:

  1. Total Students appeared were 9274 out of which 2402 students have passed this giving a pass percentage of 26%.
  2. Out of 6512 students who failed, 5288 students have scored between 100 and 150 marks, thus another 58% students should clear this exam with little more effort and studies.
  3. Highest score is 231 thus most students are spread around 150-200 only. So once again, with little bit more effort, 58% more students should have cleared the exam thus taking total pass percentage to 84%

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