Dated: 30th July 2018


People who plan to study or work in Canada will have to supply extra application information from the end of the year. The requirement will also apply to those who apply for permanent residence and refugee or asylum status. Applications received before December 31 will not need the additional documentation.

The biometric information will have to be renewed once every ten years. The cost to provide the information is CAD$85 for individuals and a maximum of CAD$170 for family applications. There is nowhere where the biometric information can be provided.

A spokesman for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada said that could supply their information at one of 135 locations in the United States. He added that the Canadian Government was “constantly monitoring” its visa application centre network and “may decide to open a new VAC location at a later date”.

If already in Canada as of December 31 who then apply for a visa, study permit or work permit from within Canada will not need to provide the fingerprints or photograph until the in-Canada biometric service has been set up next year.

Those who carry any type of British passport — including British Dependent Territories Citizens — will be required to submit fingerprints and a photograph with their application for a study or work permit from December 31.

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