Dated: 6th July 2018


The relationship between quality education and a realistic approach to job markets of the future is highly evident at universities in Australia. Here are ten reasons why we believe that the country is the ultimate destination for Indian engineering aspirants:
• World-Class Ranking
• Wide Selection Of Engineering Courses
• The Forefront Of Technological Research
• Exposure And Accreditation
• Diversity And Multiculturalism
• High Employability
• Student Led Initiatives
• Tie-Ups With Industry Giants
• A Strong Alumni Network
• Student Focused Courses

With numerous scholarships for talented Indian applicants, and an 11-month diploma course that counts as a first year for those wishing to pursue engineering, Australian universities such as UNSW focus strongly on creating convenient, accessible, and high quality programmes for all students.
Given Australia’s innovative, unique, and practical approach to engineering education, it’s no surprise that the country has proven to be a magnet for talented Indian students looking to change the world.

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