Shrishti Rai- Ghazipur UP

We live 100 Km’s away from Varanasi. The internet connection in our town is very weak and my parents are not that educated. For us, understanding the word RTGS was […]

Damel Lakshmi Umapathy- Chennai TN

Best thing about Vivek Gupta Sir is his selfless counselling. As I am already a BSC/ MSC, he suggested me to go to Philippines as I was able to get […]

Dheeraj Verma from Bareilly UP

My parents were not very comfortable to send me abroad especially my mother as I am the only son of my parents. I really wanted to become a doctor and […]

Ashish Massey- Saharanpur UP

MBBS Abroad is a big decision and your success depends upon the honesty of your consultant. It is a long process starting from choosing the right college to reaching there […]