Fee structure of MBBS/ BDS courses


The Bahria University, Pakistan has declared their fee structure for first year MBBS and BDS courses, for the academic year 2021-22. The students can pay the fee annually, or for six months, or even as quarterly. The annual and half yearly payment will also get reduction in tuition fee, in respective percentage scale. The students can make demand draft according to the suitable method, for them.  The details on fee policy are as follows:


one year (annual) For six months (half yearly) Three months (quarterly)
Total tuition fee for one year 1,214,000/-

 (12 lakh 14 thousand only)


(6 lakh 7 thousand only)


 (3 lakh 3 thousand five hundred only)


Admission fee (common for all type of payment) 24,000/- 
Security deposit (common) 40,000/-
Withholding tax/ tax demanded to be paid by the students (5%) Annual – 59,472/-

Half yearly – 30,943/-

Quarterly – 16,375/-

Reduction in tuition fee (annual 4% and half yearly 2%. No reduction for quarterly payment) Annual – 48,560/-

Half yearly – 12,140/-


The total fee needed to be paid by students is as follows:


For taxpaying students (active taxpayers) For non-tax paying students
admission fee + security deposit + tuition fee (after reduction) Admission fee + security fee + tuition fee (after reduction) + tax amount
Annual = 1,229,440/-

Half yearly = 658,860/-

Quarterly = 367,500/-

Annual = 1,288,912/-

Half yearly = 689,803/-

Quarterly = 383,875/-

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