The release of study permits and the clearing of long delays which have been delayed for the last several months are demands made by international students who seek to conduct their studies in Canada. Students have also used Twitter to express their worries.


According to information gathered from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship (IRCC) Canada, reports have indicated that Canada is currently dealing with a significant backlog of applications that has grown to over two million in number. According to a source, Canada’s Immigration Minister warned that applicants who are waiting for information on their status may have to wait months because the current backlogs won’t clear up until 2023, when procedure standards are anticipated to return to normal.


However, students from a number of nations, including India, continued to highlight the issue on Twitter by tagging the Immigration Minister and using hashtags like #studentvisa, #clearbacklog, #helpus, and #WakeUpIRCC. Students who applied far in advance to minimise delays still face difficulty.

A challenging situation has also arisen for the education companies that serve international students.

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