We are a bunch of high energy professionals coming from diverse background. About 10 years back in 2007, we decided to leave our cushy corporate jobs and decided to start this venture with a focus to provide low cost high quality services to people and organizations.

We come from diverse background. One is a Creative designer from background and second is a Quant faculty at one of the leading Institutes in India. The third one is a practicing lawyer in Delhi district courts where fourth is a HR professional with over 10 years of experience.

One of the salient features of our services is to offer quantity discounts at any quantity. Our prices for 5 man hour work is same as for 5000 man hour work and these are lesser than what a full time employee would cost you for same time period.

GKworks achieves its vision to give high quality knowledge services at really affordable prices because of a very unique model. We employ lot of educated housewives who can devote 3-4 hrs of work at a far substantial discounting than the market value of same quality of resources.

With lot of these kind resources in our pool, we are able to provide very high quality at very reasonable prices.